First Meeting definition

First Meeting means the First Meeting of the Body Corporate in terms of Section 36(7) of the Sectional Titles Act;
First Meeting means the First Meeting of the Body Corporate in terms of Section 2(8) of the STSMA;

Examples of First Meeting in a sentence

  • First Meeting - The first meeting of each newly elected Board of Directors shall be held immediately following the adjournment of the meeting of stockholders and at the place thereof.

  • First Meeting: Within five (5) days after a claim is submitted in writing, Company’s representatives who have authority to resolve the dispute shall meet with Authority representatives who have authority to resolve the dispute in a good faith attempt to resolve the dispute.

  • Second Meeting: If the First Meeting fails to resolve the dispute or if the parties fail to meet, a senior executive for Company and for Authority, neither of which have day to day Contract responsibilities, shall meet, within ten (10) days after a dispute occurs, in an attempt to resolve the dispute and any other identified disputes or any unresolved issues that may lead to dispute.

  • Following the First Meeting and the Second Meeting, Authority will review Company’s claims and may (1) request additional information from Company which will be immediately provided to Authority, or (2) render a decision on all or part of the claim in writing within twenty-one (21) days following the receipt of such claim or receipt of additional information requested.

  • The First Meeting of the States Parties shall be convened by the Secretary-General of the United Nations within one year after the entry into force of this Convention.

More Definitions of First Meeting

First Meeting means the meeting of the newly constituted Board of Directors to be held two calendar days after a Type B Event Date, at the principal offices of the Corporation.
First Meeting means after a municipal election, the first meeting of the new Board following its appointment by Council. In other years, the first meeting of the Board in the calendar year.
First Meeting has the meaning set forth in Section 4.11(b).
First Meeting is defined in Section 10.12(b).
First Meeting means the first meeting of a newly elected Board following the Election Meeting, which must be held no later than October 10th. The Board must elect a Chair at the First Meeting (NSBA, section 21).
First Meeting means the earlier of the Scheme Meeting and the Nabi Merger Approval Meeting.”;
First Meeting means a special or annual meeting of the holders of Common Stock held before January 1, 1999 for the purpose of, among other things, considering and taking action upon a resolution to approve the Conversion Proposal.