Substitutes Sample Clauses

Substitutes. Substitute employees shall be employed for all absent employees, except studio teachers, school counselors, psychometrists, guidance directors, psychologists, school social workers, speech language pathologists, ESE specialists, media specialists, and when the employee and principal agree that employment of a substitute would be inappropriate for certain exceptional children. When it is known that an employee in one (1) of the exceptions listed above will be absent for an extended period of at least twenty (20) consecutive work days, a substitute shall be employed for such absent employee provided that a properly certified/licensed substitute is available. Substitutes may be employed during pre-school or post-school conference periods or on teacher workdays when students are not in session when the principal determines that the situation warrants it. Substitute teachers shall be expected to perform all duties normally performed by the regular employees.
Substitutes. 10.5 The responsibility for the selection, orientation and employment of substitutes rests at the local school level. The principal, or his/her designee, shall be responsible for obtaining qualified substitutes. Teachers shall not be required to obtain their own substitutes.
Substitutes. A. No teacher shall be required to obtain the services of a substitute in the event of his absence. In the case of a scheduled absence, however, the teacher may assist in securing a substitute.
Substitutes. A. A regular teacher shall not be required to substitute for another teacher during his/her preparation time.
Substitutes. If the dean determines that a substitute is required to cover for a faculty member’s absence, arrangements will be made by the dean and/or program chair. Part-time faculty members who serve as substitutes will be compensated at their normal rate. Full-time faculty members will not receive compensation for substituting for other faculty members unless the assignment(s) falls outside the seven (7) hour assignment span described in Section 14.4.4.d, or exceeds three (3) contact hours in a quarter. Part-time faculty, and full-time faculty receiving additional compensation for substituting, will be given a part-time faculty assignment. All such assignments must be approved by the dean.
Substitutes. At no time can voluntary help, non-bargaining unit employees, certificated employees, contract services, or work study students replace a classified employee who has been laid off due to lack of work or lack of funds. If this is done, the classified employee who has been laid off will immediately be re-employed in their former job classification with no loss of salary or benefits.
Substitutes. In the absence of any employee the Administration shall make a good faith effort to supply a substitute using the following guidelines: When a secretary is absent, the District will call substitutes in the following order to fill the position: Laid- off secretary, retired secretary, clerk (by seniority) in the affected building, Para professional (by seniority if possible) in the affected building. If the building clerk substitutes for the secretary, the Para professional with the most seniority (if possible) may be asked to substitute for the clerk.