MODIFICATION PROCEDURES. Modifications to this Agreement shall be made in writing, with the mutual consent of the Cooperator and the Service. The rights and obligations, of the Cooperator set forth in this Agreement, to carry out particular project contributions may be assigned in part by the Cooperator to a third party, with the consent of the Refuge Manager. Haying privileges may not be sold, transferred, or sublet, except by transfer to heirs in the event of the death of the cooperator.
MODIFICATION PROCEDURES. 8.1 Changes to this SOW ("Modifications") may be requested at any time by either TSI or VITI. All such requested changes will be in writing through a change request form ("Change Request"). The Change Request will be jointly reviewed by designated representatives of TSI and VITI to determine whether the Modifications will materially affect the price, schedule or terms of the Agreement. The VITI Account Manager, as defined herein, is responsible for coordination of modification process on behalf of VITI. Based upon the joint review of the Change Request, the following procedures will apply: - If, as a result of the joint review, it is determined that the Modifications do not materially affect the price, schedule or terms of the Agreement, then the designated representative for the party receiving the Change Request will initiate a written acceptance or rejection of the request within fifteen (15) working days after receipt of the Change Request. - If, as a result of the joint review, it is determined that the Modifications do materially affect the price, schedule or terms of the Agreement, then VITI shall submit to TSI an amending work order ("Work Order") which shall include a description of the Modifications and the time and charges required to provide the requested Modifications. Neither party shall be under any obligation to proceed with any requested Modifications prior to receipt of a fully-executed amending Work Order. Upon receipt of an amending Work Order, TSI shall have a period of ten (10) days in which to (i) provide VITI with written authorization to implement the requested change, or (ii) provide VITI with written notice to disregard such Change Request. If TSI provides VITI with a notice to disregard the Change Request after VITI has prepared an amending Work Order in response to an TSI-initiated Change Request, then VITI reserves the right to charge TSI for its services associated with the effort, including any preliminary specifications or study requirements.
MODIFICATION PROCEDURES. Modifications to this Agreement shall be made in writing, with the mutual consent of the Cooperator and the Service Administrator. The rights and obligations of the Cooperator set forth in this Agreement to carry out particular project contributions may be assigned, in part, by the Cooperator to a third party with written consent from the Project Leader; although the Cooperator will be held ultimately responsible for insuring all conditions of this Agreement are met in full. Any deviation from these conditions will result in immediate revocation of this Agreement.


  • Creation Procedures On any Business Day, a Participant, may place an order with the Partnership’s marketing agent to create one or more Baskets. Purchase orders must be placed by 12:00 PM New York time or the close of regular trading on the American Stock Exchange, whichever is earlier; except in the case of the Initial Limited Partner’s initial order to purchase one or more Creation Baskets on the first day the Baskets are to be offered and sold, when such orders shall be placed by 9:00 AM New York time on the day agreed to by the General Partner and the Initial Limited Partner. The day on which the marketing agent receives a valid purchase order is the purchase order date. By placing a purchase order, the Participant agrees to deposit Treasuries with the Partnership, or a combination of Treasuries and cash. Prior to the delivery of Baskets for a purchase order, the Participant must also have wired to the custodian the non-refundable creation transaction fee described in this Article 16.

  • Escalation Procedures Each Party hereto shall provide the other party hereto with the names and telephone numbers or pagers of their respective managers up to the Vice Presidential level for the escalation of unresolved matters relating to their performance of their duties under this Agreement. Each Party shall supplement and update such information as necessary to facilitate prompt resolution of such matters. Each Party further agrees to establish an automatic internal escalation procedure relating to unresolved disputes arising under this Agreement.

  • Collection Procedures (a) On or before the Closing Date, the Seller and the Purchaser shall have established and shall maintain thereafter the system of collecting and processing Collections of Receivables in accordance with Section 2.02 of the Servicing Agreement.

  • Loan Procedures (a) Except for Same Day Loans funded under Section 2.2(b), the Company shall give written notice or telephonic notice (followed immediately by written confirmation thereof) to the Agent of each proposed borrowing not later than 10:00 A.M., Detroit time, at least two Business Days prior to the proposed date of such borrowing. Each such notice shall be effective upon receipt by the Agent, shall be irrevocable and shall specify the date and amount of the proposed borrowing. Within one Business Day after receipt of such notice, the Agent shall advise each Lender thereof. Not later than 1:00 P.M., Detroit time, on the date of a proposed borrowing, each Lender shall provide the Agent at the office specified by the Agent with immediately available funds covering such Lender’s Pro Rata Share of such borrowing and, so long as the Agent has not received written notice that the conditions precedent set forth in Section 10 with respect to such borrowing have not been satisfied, the Agent shall pay over the funds received by the Agent to the Company on the requested borrowing date. Each borrowing shall be on a Business Day.

  • NEGOTIATION PROCEDURES A. It is contemplated that matters not specifically covered by this Agreement but in the areas of hours, wages, and other terms and conditions of employment shall be subject to professional negotiations between the parties from time to time during the period of this Agreement upon request by either party to the other. The parties undertake to cooperate in arranging meetings, selection of representatives for such discussions, furnishing necessary information, and otherwise constructively considering and resolving any such matters.

  • Application Procedures (i) An employee applies for a listing on the system-wide registry through the employee’s Human Resources Department by completing the form in Appendix A.

  • Selection Procedures No selection procedures believed by the Bank to be materially adverse to the interests of the Investor Certificateholders were utilized in selecting the Removed Accounts designated hereby.

  • Notification Procedures The Auction Manager will calculate the Applicable Discounted Price and will cause the Administrative Agent to post the Applicable Discounted Price and proration factor onto an internet or intranet site (including an IntraLinks, SyndTrak or other electronic workspace) in accordance with the Auction Manager’s standard dissemination practices by 4:00 p.m., New York City time, on the Business Day during which the Expiration Time occurs. The Auction Manager will insert the principal amount of Term Loans of the applicable Class(es) to be assigned and the applicable settlement date into each applicable Affiliated Assignment and Assumption received in connection with a Qualifying Bid. Upon the request of the submitting Lender, the Auction Manager will promptly return any Affiliated Assignment and Assumption received in connection with a Return Bid that is not a Qualifying Bid.

  • Allocation Procedures On each Business Day, the Credit Facility Team shall seek to collect data on the uninvested cash of Funds listed on Schedule B hereto from such Funds’ custodian. On each occasion that a Fund delivers Borrowing Instructions to the Credit Facility Team, the Credit Facility Team will seek to match the amount and term of the Fund’s borrowing needs with the cash available from the Funds that have provided Lending Instructions in accordance with allocation and administrative procedures established by the Board of Trustees. The Credit Facility Team shall allocate the borrowing demand and lending needs among the Funds on what the Credit Facility Team deems to be an equitable basis and in accordance with the Interfund Lending Procedures. The Credit Facility Team shall not solicit cash for Loans from any Funds or publish or disseminate the amount of any current borrowing demand to the Adviser’s investment personnel. No Loan may be made unless the Interest Rate is more favorable for the Lender than both the OTD Rate and the Repo Rate and more favorable for the Borrower than the Bank Loan Rate.

  • Transition Procedures Upon the expiration or termination of the Term of this Lease, for whatever reason (other than a purchase of the Leased Property by Lessee), Lessor and Lessee shall do the following (and the provisions of this Section 2.3 shall survive the expiration or termination of this Lease until they have been fully performed) and, in general, shall cooperate in good faith to effect an orderly transition of the management and/or lease of the Hotel: