Proposed Modification definition

Proposed Modification shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.14.
Proposed Modification. A request by the Owner or the Owner’s Representative for the CMR's estimate of cost for a contemplated change to the Work. Such request shall be initiated in writing and processed as set forth in Specification Section 01 2600.
Proposed Modification has the meaning set forth in Section 6.03(b).

Examples of Proposed Modification in a sentence

  • Owner may initiate changes by submitting Proposed Modification to Contractor.

  • The Owner may, in its sole discretion, at any time by a Proposed Modification or Change Order and without notice to the Sureties require the performance of such Extra Work as it deems necessary or desirable.

  • A summary of the representations made by Parties and interested third parties during the consultation undertaken in respect of the Proposed Modification and any Alternative Modification.

  • An assessment has been undertaken in respect of BSC Systems and Parties and the following have been identified as potentially being impacted by the Proposed Modification.

  • Description of Proposed Modification: Reason for Modification: 1.

More Definitions of Proposed Modification

Proposed Modification has the meaning specified in Section 9.01(d).
Proposed Modification has the meaning given that term in Section 13.6(f)(i).
Proposed Modification. See § 27.
Proposed Modification means a modification to the Code which has been proposedby way of Modification Proposal but which has not or not yet been made in accordance with Section F1.1.1;
Proposed Modification as defined in Section 2.23.
Proposed Modification. Check all that apply (select checkbox, right click, click properties, click “checked”): Time Extension Change of Scope SAR Funds Contingency Funds
Proposed Modification has the meaning given in Clause 6.3(B).