Local Laws Sample Clauses

Local Laws. 43 INTERESTS OF PIONEER, PIONEER USA AND THEIR DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS........... 43 Conflicting Duties of Pioneer USA, Individually and as a General Partner.............................. 43 Pioneer USA's Employees Provide Services to the Partnerships......... 43 Financial Interests of Officers and Directors in Pioneer................. 43 Financial Interests of Officers and Directors in Partnerships............ 44 Individual Partnership's Perspective Not Considered in Mergers............ 44 The Partnerships Pay Operator Fees to Pioneer USA.......................... 44
Local Laws. If any alterations, installations, changes or improvements to the Building, including, but not limited to, the Demised Premises are made by Owner in order to comply with New York City Local Law No. 5 (fire protection) and New York City Law No. 10 (building condition) and any other local law as each may be amended or any successor or law of like import, (or any Federal, State or local law or government regulations enacted subsequent to the date hereof) at any time after the date of this Lease and prior to the expiration date of this Lease, the cost of any such alterations shall, for the purposes of this Article 43, be deemed amortized by Owner in accordance with an amortization schedule based on the useful life thereof with a reasonable interest factor included therein, determined by Owner in Owner’s reasonable judgment, and during each calendar year which shall include any part of the demised term for which such an amortization shall be applicable, Tenant shall pay to Owner a sum equal to .809% of such amortization and interest applicable to such calendar year. Owner shall deliver (prorated for any partial year within the term). Tenant a statement setting forth the amount due. Such statement shall not be deemed final and binding on Tenant unless disputed required to make any payment under this Article by Tenant within 30 days after receipt thereof reason of alterations required to be made by laws in effect as of the date of execution of this Lease.
Local Laws. All materials, fixtures, equipment or appliances and types or methods of construction shall be in accordance with the Contract Documents and shall, in no event, be less than that necessary to conform to the requirements of the Administrative Code and the Charter of the City of New York, as applicable.
Local Laws. Each party shall notify the other party of the existence and content of any provision of law in the Territory or any other applicable law that conflicts with any provision of this Agreement at the time of its execution or thereafter.
Local Laws. It shall be entirely the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that the goods and the use thereof comply with the laws, regulations and codes of a particular country or local authority and with the requirements of the Customer.
Local Laws. Distributor shall keep Ampio informed of any Laws (including new published Laws or regulations as well as bills) of the Territory which might be applicable to, or affect the use or sale of, the Product in the Territory. Distributor shall inform Ampio of any instructions or requests inconsistent with these Laws, provided, however, that Ampio remains independently obligated to be aware of regulatory requirements in all jurisdictions where it has obtained and Maintains a Product Registration.
Local Laws. This site is not intended for use by any person in any country where such use would be contrary to local law or regulation. It is the responsibility of visitors to this website to ascertain the terms of and comply with any local law or regulation to which they or the trades they undertake are subject.
Local Laws. Vendor shall be solely responsible for compliance with applicable building codes, and for obtaining any type of building permits and licenses that may be required for its services. Satellite assumes no responsibility for compliance with local codes.
Local Laws. If your service terminates (whether or not in breach of local labor laws), the effective date of such termination of service for all purposes of this Agreement will be extended by any notice period mandated under local law (e.g., active employment would include a period ofgarden leave” or similar period pursuant to local law); the Company shall have the exclusive discretion to determine when you are no longer employed for purposes of this Award.
Local Laws. All materials, appliances and types or methods of construction shall be in accordance with the specifications, and shall in no event be less than that necessary to conform to the requirements of the Administrative Code and the Charter of the City of New York.Code 53 does not apply to street light foundation work. Street light foundation work at existing locations does not require a permit