Metal Sample Clauses

Metal. CNG-2 Metal liner reinforced with resin impregnated continuous filament (hoop wrapped) CNG-3 Metal liner reinforced with resin impregnated continuous filament (fully wrapped) CNG-4 Resin impregnated continuous filament with a non-metallic liner (all composite) Service conditions to which the cylinders will be subjected are detailed in paragraph 4. of this annex. This annex is based upon a working pressure for natural gas as a fuel of 20 MPa settled at 15 °C with a maximum filling pressure of 26 MPa. Other working pressures can be accommodated by adjusting the pressure by the appropriate factor (ratio). For example, a 25 MPa working pressure system will require pressures to be multiplied by 1.25. The service life of the cylinder shall be defined by the manufacturer and may vary with applications. Definition of service life is based upon filling the cylinders 1,000 times a year for a minimum of 15,000 fills. The maximum service life shall be 20 years. For metal and metal-lined cylinders, the cylinder life is based upon the rate of fatigue crack growth. The ultrasonic inspection, or equivalent, of each cylinder or liner is required to ensure the absence of flaws which exceed the maximum allowable size. This approach permits the optimized design and manufacture of light weight cylinders for natural gas vehicle service. For all-composite cylinders with non-metallic non-load bearing liners the "safe life" is demonstrated by appropriate design methods, design qualification testing and manufacturing controls.
Metal. 9.1 On vertical piping and vessels "s" clips should be used while installing metal. Also, "j" clips or “u” clips should be used to hold bands on all vessels. The “j” or “u” clips shall be installed at a minimum of 6 feet apart. On 1-1/4" corrugated metal or larger, .040 SS S-clips shall be used with a minimum of two (2) clips per sheet.
Metal seated or Teflon seal ring-seated butterfly valves for special service applications will be of the wafer or lug-wafer type and will be designed for installation between ANSI flanges. The use of these valves will be in accordance with the pressure temperature ratings specified by the manufacturer. Bronze Body Valves Bronze gate and globe valves 2 inches and smaller will have union bonnet joints and screwed ends. Bronze gate and globe valves used in control air service will have braze joint ends. Gate valves will be inside screw, rising stem type with solid wedge disks. Globe valves will have renewable seats and disks. Bronze check valves 2 inches and smaller will be Y-pattern, swing disk type or guided piston type designed for satisfactory operation on both horizontal piping and vertical piping with upward flow. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Proprietary Information Page 32 AES IRONWOOD CONTRACT FINAL ISSUE - OCTOBER 30, 1998 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2x1 501G REFERENCE PLANT APPLICATION HANDBOOK -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DESIGN CRITERIA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bronze valves 2-1/2 inches and larger will have bolted flange bonnet joints and flanged ends. Gate and globe valves will be of the outside screw rising stem construction. Gate valves will have either integral or renewable seats. Globe valves will have renewable seats. The use of these valves will be in accordance with the pressure temperature ratings specified by the manufacturer and in accordance with the criteria established in MSS SP-80. Bronze valves will generally be Class 200 and will be limited to service with piping systems having design pressures of 200 psi or less, and design temperatures of 150F or less. Bronze valves will generally be limited to a size of 3 inches or less. Plug Valves Plug valves will be of the eccentric, lubricated, or Teflon sleeve plug type, as required by the service. Plug valve bodies will conform to the requirements of ANSI for dimensions, material thicknesses, and material specifications. Bonnets will be of the bolted flange type. Body ends will be flanged, faced, and drilled for installation between ANSI flanges. The use of these valves will be in accordance with the pressure temperature ratings specified by the manufacturer.
Metal. In addition, any commercial kitchen must provide separation, storage and collection of kitchen scraps and other compostable materials.
Metal. (a) The Parties acknowledge that, subject to the Parties’ obligations regarding soft tolling set forth in Section B.1(a) of Exhibit C, soft tolling of metal is a part of this Amended and Restated Agreement. To that extent, CCB, on behalf of the Bottlers, shall provide Rexam with reasonable advance notice of any change in designated aluminum suppliers (and such newly designated supplier shall be a qualified first tier metal sheet producer, or second tier sheet producer reasonably acceptable to Rexam), no later than 120 days prior to implementing such change to this Amended and Restated Agreement (excluding 2006, which has been dealt with as of the date hereof to the Parties’ mutual satisfaction). Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event of an actual, material quality problem or shortfall in the metal supplied to Rexam, Rexam shall retain the right to qualify or disqualify any of CCB’s designated aluminum supplier(s) provided, however, that the criteria used to disqualify such supplier(s) was pre-existing (i.e., in effect prior to the execution hereof), was uniformly established for all aluminum suppliers to Rexam, and was disclosed to CCB and agreed upon prior to the execution hereof; and provided further that Rexam provide CCB with reasonable advance written notice of the effective date of any such disqualification. Upon any such notice of disqualification, the Parties will discuss a mutually agreeable aluminum supplier, and the Parties shall agree to use any other aluminum supplier if such supplier is then qualified by Rexam as set forth above (Rexam agrees to provide CCB a listing of all aluminum suppliers qualified to do business with Rexam, which list may be updated quarterly, as needed). In the event a supplier not currently qualified to supply Rexam is required for supply reasons currently unforeseen by Rexam or CCB, and the Parties cannot reach agreement on such an unqualified aluminum supplier within [***] days from the date of such disqualification, Rexam may use any other aluminum supplier so long as such aluminum meets the specifications contained in this Amended and Restated Agreement, and (ii) if, and only if so agreed to by Rexam and CCB, all incremental cost adjustments, if any, to implement such new aluminum supplier are borne by the Bottlers for the anticipated period of time required (not to exceed one hundred and twenty (120) days), or until a mutually agreed to supplier is found.
Metal. No Customer shall grant any security interest or ownership rights to any of its customers with respect to any of the Consigned Metal whether or not such customers have prepaid orders for the Consigned Metal or any products or property which does or will include the Consigned Metal. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the parties agree that any Client may file financing statements or other public notices with respect to any Client Metal subject to any Client-Customer Arrangement.
Metal. (a) Each Party undertakes to lease, or to cause its respective Affiliates to lease, to the Joint Venture, for so long as it retains an Ownership Interest in the Company, Metal as follows:
Metal. Example: cans, canned goods, hardware, wire, metal plates, nails, copper, aluminum and any other ferrous or non-ferrous metal.
Metal. 2. Drawer Glides: Full-extension heavy-duty rated at 200 lbs minimum.