FINISHES Sample Clauses

FINISHES. Buyer(s) understands that the location of telephone, electric, cable TV and other utility outlets, doors, windows, air conditioning components, lighting fixtures, equipment and fixtures are subject to change and Buyer(s) understands that materials such as brick, wood, wood grain, carpeting, paint, cabinets, cultured marble, tile, Formica, granite and the like are subject to shading and gradation and may vary from samples, models or color charts, and from piece to piece, and Contractor shall not be liable for such variations.
FINISHES. A. Area of Concern: Imperfections in drywall and gypsum wallboard. Standard: Slight imperfections such as hairline cracks not exceeding an average width of 1/16 inch, nail pops, and seam lines are to be expected due to expansion and contraction of the materials and normal settling of the building. Imperfections caused by defects in workmanship such as excess compound in joints, trowel marks, cracked corner beads, and blisters in tape are not acceptable.
FINISHES. 4.1 When mastic is used as a finish, a reinforcing material shall be applied between two coats of the mastic. The final coat of mastic shall be brushed to a smooth finish and appearance.
FINISHES. All colors, types and textures of finishes must be approved by the Construction Manager. Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.
FINISHES. All switches and receptacles to be colored Xxxxx. All switch, receptacle and other miscellaneous device plates are to include a Stainless Steel finish.
FINISHES. 11. The Purchase Price shall include those finishes, floor coverings and paint colours more particularly set out in Schedule “I” annexed hereto. The Purchaser may choose the broadloom, tile and paint colour from the Vendor’s samples pursuant to the procedure set out in Schedule “G”.
FINISHES. EPC - Exhibit B ------------------------ TENASKA GEORGIA GENERATION PROJECT Page 45 of 132 --------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ --------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ The Contractor shall furnish all materials, labor, services, tools and equipment required for the installation and applications of finishes, such as acoustic ceiling, floor tile, ceramic tile and painting for the project. Ceilings in finished areas will generally consist of a suspended, fire rated, exposed grid, acoustic lay in panels. For high moisture areas such as showers, locker rooms and restrooms, ceilings will have moisture resistant type suspended acoustic tile. Ceilings in unfinished areas shall be painted exposed structure. Floor coverings in locker rooms, toilets, offices and other finished areas shall be resilient floor tile. Unglazed ceramic tile shall be used for high moisture areas such as showers. Walls in finished areas will generally consist of painted gypsum board or masonry. The lower four feet of the walls in locker rooms and restrooms shall be finished with glazed ceramic tile. Walls in showers shall be finished with glazed ceramic tile. As an alternative to glazed tile, a one-piece prefabricated shower assembly with handicap rails may be used with Owner's approval. Concrete floors in all areas prone to chemical attack, such as battery room, shall be finished with special resistant coatings. Epoxy floor coating shall be provided for the electrical room. All exposed wall surfaces, doors, and exposed steel surfaces which are not pre-finished shall be field painted. Aluminum, brass, stainless steel or plastic surfaces shall not be painted. Concrete will generally not be painted. Concrete sealer shall be applied to exposed concrete surfaces in the shop and warehouse. All equipment which is not shop finish painted shall be finish painted in the field. The painting systems provided by the Contractor shall be of adequate thickness and suitable for the environment and location to provide durability. The Contractor's paint specifications and color selection charts shall be submitted to the Owner for approval. All coatings shall be applied per manufacturer's instructions. Surface preparation and cleaning shall be per coating manufacturer instructions and applicable SSPC requirements. Prior to purchasing and installing any finishes, the Contractor shall provide for Owner's review and approval a finish sch...
FINISHES. Floors to have ceramic tile with tile base. Wet walls to be ceramic tile. Other walls to have vinyl wall coverings over gypsum board. Ceilings to be painted gypsum board. All colors and types to be as selected by Landlord's architect.
FINISHES. The ground floor lobby is finished in a combination of stone, stainless steel wall panels and glass.