Compostable Materials Sample Clauses

Compostable Materials. Caterer warrants that it will use compostable catering supplies for containers, cups, plates, flatware, etc.
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Compostable Materials. Vendor warrants that it will use compostable catering supplies for containers, cups, plates, flatware, etc.
Compostable Materials. Compostable Materials" means organic materials designated by the City as approved for collection and processing, including but not limited to, Yard Trimmings, food scraps, soiled paper, and compostable plastics.
Compostable Materials. “Compostable Materials” means: plant material (leaves, grass clippings, branches, brush, flowers, roots, pine needles and pine cones, wood waste, etc.); debris commonly thrown away in the course of maintaining yards and gardens; and biodegradable waste otherwise approved for the yard waste program by Contractor and the City. It may also include pre-or post consumer food waste, if Contractor begins a food waste collection program within the City .
Compostable Materials. Compostable Materials" and “Compostables” 172 include Organic Waste and those materials designated from time to time in DISTRICT 173 Legislation for Collection and Recycling which are segregated from MSW and delivered 174 to the Disposal Facility by the Collection Contractor "Compostable Materials" shall also 175 include Compostable Materials sorted from MSW at the Disposal Facility by the 176 CONTRACTOR.
Compostable Materials. Organics, and Yard Waste, which are segregated from 150 Solid Waste at the source of generation by the Customer and set out for Collection.
Compostable Materials. CONTRACTOR shall not commingle 941 Compostable Materials Collected pursuant to this Agreement, with any other material 942 Collected by CONTRACTOR inside or outside the CITY prior to delivery to the Processing 943 Facility unless CONTRACTOR has provided written documentation, in a form that is 944 satisfactory to the Contract Administrator, explaining how the mixed material will be allocated 945 to the jurisdiction(s) of origin and CONTRACTOR has received express, written consent from 946 the Contract Administrator.
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Related to Compostable Materials

  • Recyclable Materials “Recyclable Materials” means Solid Waste consisting of any material 371 which retains useful properties and can be reclaimed after the production or consumption process.

  • Biological Samples If so specified in the Protocol, Institution and Principal Investigator may collect and provide to Sponsor or its designee Biological Samples (“Biological Samples”). 12.2.

  • Reference Materials The Board agrees to continue to make available to employees the reference materials maintained by the district. Principals are encouraged to provide additional reference materials of high use in schools where feasible.

  • GARBAGE DISPOSAL, RECYCLING, AND BIODEGRADABLE MATERIALS A. Concessionaire shall be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the Concession Premises. Concessionaire shall ensure placement of all garbage and trash generated by the Concession Operation in designated containers and that said containers are emptied daily, or as more frequently required by Department, at a location within the Area designated by Department. Disposal costs from this latter location shall be borne by Department. Concessionaire shall provide such additional trash containers as may be required to keep the immediate Concession Premises clean at all times. The type of trash containers provided by Concessionaire shall be approved by Department prior to use.

  • Customer Materials 12.1 The Supplier including any of its employees, agents, consultants, contractors and any third party shall:

  • Samples Physical examples of materials, equipment, or workmanship that are representative of some portion of the Work and that establish the standards by which such portion of the Work will be judged. The Contractor shall furnish for approval all samples required by the Contract Documents. The Work shall be in accordance with approved samples.

  • Vaccination and Inoculation (a) The Employer agrees to take all reasonable precautions, including in-service seminars, to limit the spread of infectious diseases among employees.

  • Software Components At any time during the contract period of performance, the Government may require the Contractor to remedy any failure of the software to comply with the requirements of this contract. Support shall consist of correction of errors, provision of modifications, improvements, and other products the original manufacturer makes available to the Government without charge. The Government shall also be provided full documentation of changes and/or modifications to the software provided to meet the Government's requirements.

  • SHOP DRAWINGS, PRODUCT DATA AND SAMPLES 4.12.1 Shop Drawings are drawings, diagrams, schedules and other, data specially prepared for the Work by the Contractor or any Subcontractor, manufacturer, supplier or distributor to illustrate some portion of the Work.

  • ODUF Packing Specifications 6.3.1 The data will be packed using ATIS EMI records. A pack will contain a minimum of one (1) message record or a maximum of ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine (99,999) message records plus a pack header record and a pack trailer record. One transmission can contain a maximum of ninety-nine (99) packs and a minimum of one (1) pack.

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