Fabrication Sample Clauses

Fabrication. Making up data or results and recording or reporting them.
Fabrication. General Provisions 101 through 150.
Fabrication. .2 Xxxxxx, showing dimensions, including identified field dimensions, and clearances. .3 Setting or erection details.
Fabrication. 24.1 All piping machines, whether power or manually operated, which are required to perform piping fabrication work on the job or Contractor's fabrication location, shall be operated by members of the Union. All pipe work installed by the contractor on the job site shall be cut and fabricated by employees who are members of the United Association. Contractors who fabricate piping off the job site shall register the fabrication location with the Union and shall utilize employees who are members of the United Association to perform the work under the terms and conditions of this agreement. The above shall not be deemed to include regular items of self-contained packaged equipment, with associated integral piping normally listed in manufacturers' catalogues.
Fabrication. 15.9.01 On Mainline Pipelines of greater than 14" diameter, where a fabrication crew is set up, the following formula will be used to determine the number of Journeymen required in addition to the Welders and their Helpers: Welders Journeymen 10 - 12 3 This ratio to be maintained according to the number of Welders employed.
Fabrication. The parties agree that this Article and Appendix D is a material and substantial part of this Agreement, establishing terms of employment, and that the breach of any provision of this Article constitutes a substantial breach of this Agreement. The parties agree that upon an Employer's breach of this Article, the Union may, at its option, seek enforcement by judicial determination or such other judicial relief that the Union deems appropriate, or it may submit the Employer's violation of this Article to arbitration in accordance with Article IV.
Fabrication. 44. In order to secure work for employees working at the job site under this Agreement, and in order to protect wages and working conditions of such employees, the Employer shall:
Fabrication. 103. The provisions of this Article are intended to protect and preserve all of the work which has normally and traditionally been performed by the employees covered by this Agreement, and, as such, constitutes a material and substantial part of this Agreement. Upon a breach of any of these provisions, the parties involved may, at their option, seek enforcement by judicial proceedings or submit the same to arbitration in accordance with this Agreement, but not by work stoppage or lockout.
Fabrication. Fabricating and processing of parts and/or assemblies is to be governed by the shipping schedule as noted on the Order. Seller is authorized to fabricate and assemble only such part of this Order and in the quantities as is necessary to meet Buyer’s shipping schedules. Buyer assumes no liability for fabrication in excess of the amounts needed for Seller to fulfill the Product under this Order unless prior approval has been obtained in writing.
Fabrication. The work of the employee shall consist of all handling and all fabrication of all sprinkler and fire protection piping and materials incidental to the business of the employer in his shop and shop yard. The painting, marking, cleaning and labelling of pipe, if performed in the shop will be performed by members in the bargaining unit, however, the employer has the right to sub-contract outside the shop, and in no case is the employer required to perform specialized operations such as sand blasting or special painting. When yard work is required, the Employer is to provide suitable rain gear, with rubber boots, for outside work.