Marina Sample Clauses

Marina. The marina is to comprise all navigable waters, breakwaters, revetments, and that land necessary to gain access to those waters. The Company must prepare a plan, to the approval of the Department of Marine and Harbours showing the marina to be constructed by the Company. The marina must be designed to optimise wave exclusion, water circulation and exchange, and the bypassing of longshore littoral drift sand, and must comply with the recommendations of Australian Standard 3962, “Guidelines for the Design of Marinas”. On completion of construction of the marina the Company must prepare and lodge with the Department of Marine and Harbours an “as constructed” plan of the marina, to the approval of the Department of Marine and Harbours.
Marina. Pursuant to the Sovereignty Lease n defined below, Lessor and Grove Isle Yacht Club Associates, a Florida general partnership ("Yacht Club") (Lessor and Yacht Club are sometimes together called "Marina Parties") together own a leasehold estate in certain submerged land in Biscayne Bay, adjacent to the Demised Premises, more particularly described in that certain Sovereignty Submerged Land Lease from the Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund of the State of Florida to the Marina Parties recorded in Official Records Book 16401, Page 609, Public Records of Dade County, Florida (the "Sovereignty Lease", which term includes all renewals thereof). In order to provide assurances to each other with respect to the certain operations on the Demised Premises and the Marina Property, the parties agree that, for the term of this Lease:
Marina. Marina hereby covenants, represents and warrants to Oncotelic that:
Marina. It is understood and agreed that the Property to be conveyed by the Seller to the Buyer hereunder includes all of the Seller's interest in and to the marina being operated by the Seller at the Property including all of the boat slips and improvements constructed thereon and the boat slip leases. The Seller shall assign to the Buyer the Seller's interest in any Submerged Land Lease relating to same and any Boat Slip Leases and the Buyer shall assume the obligations of the Seller thereunder and indemnify and hold harmless the Seller from any and all liability thereunder arising from and after the closing.
Marina. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, and the Ground Lease, BHM shall construct and operate the Marina , which shall include the following amenities and improvements:  Newly Constructed Wave Attenuation System  160 Boat Slips – a minimum of 40% of which shall be offered to transient boaters on a daily weekly, or monthly basis;  Pump out Facilities  Fuel DockProvision for Water Taxi Stand;  A Floating Marina Facility to include: Management and staff offices; Public Restrooms; Guest Bathing and Laundry facilities; Store & Chandlery;  Dockmaster Facility  Marina access, support infrastructure, staging, storage, and facilities area (New Marina Lot on the attached Site Plan) which will also provide for boat launching and hauling facilities and will be used as event space.
Marina. In the event the Approved Development Plan includes a marina, the Master Developer shall be responsible, at its sole cost and expense, for obtaining all necessary approvals, licenses or permits from any Governmental Authorities in addition to the Planning Commission for the development and establishment of such approved marina, including (without limitation) obtaining transfer of control of the waterway adjacent to the Wharf/Promenade Property from the federal government to the County (but only if and to the extent such change in control is necessary to accommodate the scope of the approved marina). The City will cooperate in such efforts by the Master Developer but the City shall not be responsible for managing the process of obtaining of any such additional approvals, licenses or permits. The costs and expenses the Master Developer will be responsible for in accordance with this Section 4.09 include (without limitation) any costs and expenses of the Master Developer, the City, the County, their respective counsel, and any professionals, lobbyists or consultants hired by the Master Developer, the City or the County in accordance with such effort, as well as any required application or filing fees. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, failure to obtain any such other approvals, licenses or permits shall not relieve the Master Developer from undertaking any other portion of the Project provided for in the Approved Development Plan. The Master Developer acknowledges that pursuant to the terms of a Grant Agreement between the City and the Maryland Department of Transportation for funding of the renovations to the wharf, the City may not sell, lease, or otherwise transfer or dispose of any interest in the wharf unless the Department of Transportation gives prior written consent, with the exception that the City may enter into short-term leases of the wharf for terms not to exceed sixty (60) days. Any lease for a term greater than sixty (60) days shall require the prior written approval of the MD Department of Transportation.
Marina. Marina hereby covenants, represents and warrants to Lipomedics that:
Marina. The word “Marina” includes without limitation any property or waters owned or leased by the Company.