Laundry Facilities Sample Clauses

Laundry Facilities. An individual washer and dryer are included in each UNIT. TENANT is responsible for cleaning lint trap after each dryer use to prevent fire or malfunction.
Laundry Facilities. RESIDENT acknowledges that the laundry facilities are intended for the use of RESIDENT. There is no fee for using the laundry machines. Guests of the RESIDENT are not permitted to use the laundry facilities.
Laundry Facilities. All halls have access to laundry facilities, which can be generally paid for using a pre- payment card or smartphone app; please see the section in your Welcome Guide for specific details. Under no circumstances should clothes be washed in bathrooms or bedrooms. Washing must never be dried on the radiators, or hung up within your bedroom or bathroom, on outside windows or within the laundry. Students should respect other Residents making use of laundry facilities at all times. When using the washing machines or dryers, you should collect your items when the cycle is finished to ensure that other Residents are able to use the facilities after you. For hygiene reasons, remember to clean the lint from the dryers after use. Do not remove other Residents’ clothing from the machines without their consent. Residents may find this action intrusive and it could cause unnecessary distress. If you feel that there are Residents abusing the use of the laundry facilities, notify the on-site hospitality team. Laundry facilities are operated by Circuit, an external provider of laundry facilities. More information can be found at xxx.xxxxxxx.xx.xx. Accommodation Agreement 2021/22 Student Resident Maintenance and Facilities Where available, please log into the online system to report any maintenance issues. Details of which are available on-site at your hall. Please ensure any urgent maintenance requests are reported immediately to the hall reception or helpdesk either in person or over the telephone. Non-urgent maintenance requests can be made by email by contacting the on-site hospitality team. When making a maintenance request it is important you provide as much detail as possible.
Laundry Facilities. Every floor has its own washing machine. On the upper level, a laundry room was built with washer and dryer. They can be used according to the posted description, following its points carefully. Do not open the machine before it finishes, do not overload! In the event of a malfunction, the Operator must be notified by email and in person at the reception.
Laundry Facilities. Individual Washer and Dryer are included in each Unit. Resident shall use Washer and Dryer properly and in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Resident is required to clean lint trap after each Dryer use to prevent fire.
Laundry Facilities. 36.1 PWC will establish appropriate laundry facilities at its major industrial sites to provide for the laundering of heavily soiled PPE.
Laundry Facilities. 34.1 Territory Generation will establish appropriate laundry facilities at its industrial sites to provide for the laundering of heavily soiled PPE.