Laundry Facilities Sample Clauses

Laundry Facilities. SF State University assumes no responsibility in the use of laundry equipment or for lost items.
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Laundry Facilities. An individual washer and dryer are included in each UNIT. TENANT is responsible for cleaning lint trap after each dryer use to prevent fire or malfunction.
Laundry Facilities. Washers and dryers are installed in each apartment for the exclusive use of students in the apartment. Any other use is prohibited. The use of washers and dryers are free. LINEN: Brighton provides a mattress cover on all mattresses. Students need to bring their own bedding. All beds are regular twin size. The typical cost for replacing a mattress cover is $25.00. MAINTENANCE: Students are responsible to notify the manager in writing as soon as possible if they notice anything in an apartment that requires repair work or maintenance. See “Property Conditionssection 12 of the BYU-Idaho Student Landlord Housing Contract.
Laundry Facilities. Employees may use the laundry facilities for personal use (washer and dryer) at Machine Laundry Café once a week at no cost to the employee. SCHEDULE 1 JOB DEFINITION, PAY RATES & PAY INCREASES KITCHEN HAND/COOK PART TIME EMPLOYEES WITH LOADED RATES AND CASUAL EMPLOYEES
Laundry Facilities. 36.1 PWC will establish appropriate laundry facilities at its major industrial sites to provide for the laundering of heavily soiled PPE.
Laundry Facilities. Use of washers and dryers in the Mines Park Community Centers will be available for the EXCLUSIVE use of Mines Park residents at no additional cost. Abuse of this privilege will result in consequences up to and including termination of lease.
Laundry Facilities. RESIDENT acknowledges that the laundry facilities are intended for the use of RESIDENT. There is no fee for using the laundry machines. Guests of the RESIDENT are not permitted to use the laundry facilities.
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Laundry Facilities. SF State University assumes no responsibility in the use of third-party laundry equipment or for lost items or damaged items. Personal property insurance is recommended to be utilized.
Laundry Facilities. The employer shall provide laundry facilities (at no cost to the employee) for contaminated work clothes at the following sites: Parks and Facilities depot, Public Works Building, Equipment Pool, Sanitation Depot and Waste Water Treatment Plant. Other locations may be added upon agreement between the Union and City.
Laundry Facilities. Washers and dryers are provided on ground floor at the front of the building. Machines are operate on coins or through the PayRange payment app. Malfunctions should be reported to the laundry company as indicated on the machines and/or wall. Please remember that you are sharing these facilities with many residents. Do not leave your clothes unattended, and remember to respect others’ property. To avoid having yout clothing items removed from a machine by another resident, we recommend clearning, changing or removing your own laundry promptly after the cycle ends. Cadence Staff reserves the right to remove and dispose of items left in the laundry facilities for more than 24 hours. TRASH DISPOSAL Grease, oil, or hard food should not be poured down any drains in your unit. You should let the grease, oil, or hard food cool and then place it in a container to be removed with the rest of your trash. Leftover food should not be flushed down the toilets, it should be thrown out with the other trash to maintain a clean and healthy environment. PEST CONTROL Keep your unit clean and store food properly, placing leftovers in containers with a cover, in plastic saran wrap, Ziploc bags, etc. This xxxxxx pests. If you have pest problems, fill out a Maintenance Request form in your Tenant Cloud Account. However if you get ants, you must clean the area thoroughly and treat that area yourself with ant repellent that you have purchased.
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