Term of this Lease Sample Clauses

Term of this Lease. The Initial Term and any extension thereof in accordance with the provisions hereof.
Term of this Lease. The Primary Term and all Extension Terms elected by Tenant are referred to collectively as the "Term of this Lease".
Term of this Lease. The term of this Lease shall commence on the date of its execution and shall continue for the period, not to exceed forty (40) years, corresponding to the time component contained in the Rental which shall be fixed within the range as set forth in Section 3.3 of this Lease which shall be certified by the appraiser and thereafter approved by the State Administrative Board and the Authority as authorized by Act 183.
Term of this Lease. The expressions "the term" and "the terms" of this Lease are used interchangeably herein and wherever used in this Lease shall be deemed to refer not 'only to the initial term but to any and all extensions and renewals thereof as well.
Term of this Lease. (a) The "Term" of this Lease shall be the period commencing upon the ---- "Commencement Date" (as hereinafter defined) and, unless sooner terminated or ------------------ or extended as herein provided, expiring on the January 31 first following the expiration of fifteen (15) Full Lease Years following the Commencement Date. "
Term of this Lease. The word "Term" and the words "term of this Lease" shall mean the Initial Term and any Extended Term which may become effective. ARTICLE THREE
Term of this Lease. The phrase "
Term of this Lease. In the event that a heating or air conditioning unit shall service space in addition to the Leased Premises, Tenant shall be obligated to pay only its proportionate share of all maintenance and repair costs of such unit and the required maintenance contract thereon. Tenant further agrees that Landlord may, at its sole option, enter into a master maintenance agreement for the entire Building or for the entire Center, and if Landlord so elects, the costs of such agreement shall be included in the Center Common Area Assessments or Building Assessments, as appropriate.
Term of this Lease. For purposes of this Lease, "Term" will mean the Initial Term and any Extension Term which may become effective pursuant to Section 1.4. In no event will the Term, including the Initial Term and all Extension Terms, exceed *** years.
Term of this Lease. The “Term of this Lease” (sometimes herein called the “Term”) shall include the Main Term and any renewal term (“Renewal Term”) designated in Paragraph 4 of the Addendum to Lease.