Logistics Sample Clauses

Logistics. 3.1 The NetApp logistics requirements for the Product are as follows:
Logistics. The parties shall have the assistance of any employee concerned as a witness and any other witnesses that may be required. The employee concerned and a local union representative as identified in Article 15.3 - “
Logistics. In the normal course, AgEagle shall notify Raven an order is ready to ship, and provide all applicable information for the order, three (3) days prior to shipment. Raven shall set up shipment of the same. If AgEagle must schedule a shipment for some reason, AgEagle agrees to get preapproval from Raven on the logistics for all shipments for which transportation charges are to be paid by Raven including any transportation charges that are added to the invoice as Prepaid & Add. Failure to follow this policy will result in AgEagle being responsible to pay all freight charges and any other associated penalties or fees incurred.
Logistics. An employee assigned on hiring or transfer through the job posting procedure in Article 8 to the classification of Helper-Materials Handler must obtain their forklift and Transportation of Dangerous Goods certification within the first 60 days through training opportunities provided by the Company in this time period. A new employee will receive, upon satisfactory per- formance, an equal monthly incremental pay increase over the probationary period until the full rate of Ma- terials Handler is achieved. An employee assigned thru the job posting procedure of Article 8 will receive, upon satisfactory perform- ance, an equal monthly incremental increase over sixty (60) days until the full rate of Materials Handler is achieved.
Logistics. 32.1. PARTNER shall provide all logistical requirements from the point of origin of the any equipment, components or other Project goods to the applicable Project Location/Site, Including of all charges, such as transport and transit, demurrage, storage, insurance, fees, levies, taxes, etc.
Logistics. As the exclusive worldwide supplier of VAC disposables, Avail will promptly undertake to establish a product fulfillment capability in Europe. Product pricing for Europe will include this service. Consistent with the U.S. model, KCI will be responsible for freight costs from the fulfillment center to the end user (KCI's customer). KCI agrees that the process leading to the manufacturing of all Products by Avail can be concluded no later than June 30, 2003. Avail's facility in Santa Ana, California will be the primary site of manufacture for VAC disposable products initially. It is part of Avail's current business plan to establish a new manufacturing facility in Europe which will support KCI Europe. Avail will also initiate development of a disaster recovery plan (the "Plan") which will provide for dual sourcing for molded parts, sub- and final assembly and all Quality Assurance functions within another Avail facility. Development of the Plan, which will in part be dependent upon a survey of tooling and the supply chain in Europe, will commence within forty-five (45) days of execution of this Agreement and will be complete within ninety (90) days of the execution of this Agreement. Preparation of the Plan is expected to be simultaneous with changes in Avail's UK manufacturing base operations and/or development of a new or additional manufacturing site within Avail.
Logistics. Crown will continue coordinating the traffic and freight activities of Constar for the transition period. Constar will pay Crown for such services at a rate of $22,916.67 per month. Notwithstanding Sections 4.1 and 4.2 of the Transition Services Agreement, such logistics services may be terminated by Constar upon 60 days written notice to Crown.
Logistics. The arbitration shall be governed by the AAA rules, except as modified in this Section 13. Each Party shall have the right to require the other Party to produce any relevant documents or books or records. The arbitration shall be conducted in the Detroit metropolitan area. The arbitration award shall be a declaration of whether the Deposit should or should not be returned to Purchaser. Judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. The Parties consent and commit themselves to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Michigan for purposes of the enforcement of any arbitration award. The prevailing party in any arbitration shall be entitled to an award of actual reasonable attorneys fees incurred in connection with the arbitration ordinary enforcement action. The non-prevailing party shall pay such fees, together with the fees of the arbitrator and the administrative and filing fees and costs and expenses of the arbitration. The prevailing party shall be the Party who receives the Deposit. All rulings of the arbitrator shall be in writing and shall be delivered to the Parties.
Logistics. 1. Member States recognise the importance of efficient cross-border logistics.