Urban area definition

Urban area means Maricopa and Pima counties, excluding Tribal Lands.
Urban area means a developed area in which there are 10,000 residents or more.

Examples of Urban area in a sentence

  • This will cover miscellaneous/ living expenses costs rebuilding of house:• Level of assistance: 100.000VND/person/month (rural area) (0 cases, or a total of US $ 0 )• Level of assistance: 120.000 VND/person/month (Urban area) (87 cases, or a total of $14,084.8)Table V-3 Cash Allowances (in US$) for AHs Losing Entire Houses Commune C.

More Definitions of Urban area

Urban area means any area consisting of a core city with a population of 50,000 or more plus any surrounding localities with a population density of 80 persons per square mile and designated as such in 9VAC5-20-201.
Urban area means any of the following:
Urban area means an Urban area. – An area within the boundaries or
Urban area means any area that includes a city or village having a population of 2,500 or more that is appropriate, in the judgment of the department, for an urban mass transit system or an area that includes 2 American Indian reservations and that is served by a mass transit system operated by a transit commission.
Urban area means any area which is an urbanized area or urban place, as determined by the department under 23 USC 101 (a) and regulations adopted thereunder and approved by the appropriate federal authority. Maps of urban area boundaries shall be available for inspection at offices of the department and copies of such maps shall be provided at cost to anyone requesting the same.