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Group term life insurance means any Member Basic Group Term Life Insurance for which you are insured under this plan. "Group term life insurance" does not mean any accidental death and dismemberment benefits, any insurance provided under this plan for covered persons other than you or any scheduled increase in the amount of any Member Group Term Life Insurance that is due within the six month period after the date you apply for the Accelerated Life Benefit.
Group term life insurance. Beneficial Life Insurance Company.

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  • Entitlement to Medicare Group Term Life InsuranceKokomo Schools makes available a Group Term Life Insurance Plan, which provides life and accidental death and dismemberment benefits.

  • Feel confident in knowing that your family is protected with Anthem Blue Cross’ Group Term Life Insurance.

  • In the case of an employee who is on active claim arising from a disability which occurred before a negotiated change in benefits and which continues thereafter, the said employee shall, as from the effective date of the negotiated change, be paid the changed weekly indemnity benefit, be covered for the changed Group Term Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, and make the changed contributions.

  • Employee full name Employee social security numberDate of birth Date of hire State agencyEmployee e-mail Employee phone numberBasic LifeBasic Life Beneficiary DesignationThis form applies to the State of Idaho Group Term Life Insurance Plan.

  • Potvin, Executive Director Members of the Board:Chapters 47-2 and 47-19 of the Code of Georgia which govern the operation of the Georgia Employees’ Group Term Life Insurance Plan provide that the actuary shall make periodic valuations of the contingent assets and liabilities of the Insurance Plan on the basis of regular interest and the tables last adopted by the Board of Trustees.

  • The Welfare Plan will include Group Term Life Insurance in accordance with the following Table of Hourly Job Rate Brackets and corresponding coverages.

  • Potvin Executive DirectorEmployees’ Retirement System of Georgia Two Northside 75, Suite 300Atlanta, GA 30318-7701 Dear Mr. Potvin:Enclosed is the "Georgia Employees’ Group Term Life Insurance Plan for Post-Retirement Benefits Report of the Actuary on the Valuation Prepared as of June 30, 2021".

  • For the additional $450,000 of Group Term Life Insurance coverage, there will be a taxable imputed income, based on the Government’s Table I rates.

  • In addition to the above Group Term Life Insurance coverage the Welfare Plan will include Accidental Death Insurance as outlined in the Table on a twenty-four (24) hour coverage basis.

  • Approval of Resolution Number 2122-121 - Resolution Regarding Renewal of Group Term Life Insurance Policy for City Employees.

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Group term life insurance. The district will provide a $40,000 term life insurance policy to all eligible employees who apply for coverage. This policy amount will increase to $50,000- beginning July l , 2019. Eligible employees must work 30 hours or more per week. Supplemental term life insurance policies are also available to eligible employees through payroll deduction.
Group term life insurance means the coverage, as specified in the Policy Schedule, provided for a MembersNominee (s) in the event of his death before his Normal Retirement Date.

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