Initial Placement Sample Clauses

Initial Placement. The Superintendent is authorized to credit for placement on the salary schedule past service of an applicant for employment in the District on the following basis:
Initial Placement. 7.1.1 Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent a faculty member from being hired on a salary above the minimum. The Association shall be advised of the name and initial placement on regular contract and salary schedule of each faculty member upon confirmation of appointment.
Initial Placement. 6.2.1 Bargaining unit members may be given up to seven (7) years of credit for initial placement.
Initial Placement. 1. To qualify for initial placement on the salary schedule (Exhibit A), all certificated classroom teachers must file official transcripts of college credits in the office of the District Superintendent. Credits will be reported by means of an official transcript from the college attended. Transcripts must be received in the District Office by the 10th of the month to guarantee that the salary commensurate to the degree/credits will be paid at the end of that month. The last possible date that transcripts will be accepted and used for placement on the salary schedule for the current school year is October 10th. Credits and degrees must have been earned prior to October 1 of that school year to be counted. The employee’s adjusted salary will be retroactive to September 1.
Initial Placement. Initial placement on the salary scale shall be based on qualifications and advanced in recognition of work and teaching experience:
Initial Placement. The Board shall make the initial placement of the employee on salary scale. Placement shall be confirmed and salary adjusted retroactively, where necessary, when the employee presents not later than October 31 proof of qualifications or can demonstrate that a reasonable attempt has been made to obtain such proof. The Union shall be notified of the placement on the salary scale of all employees new to staff as soon as possible after the first payroll date.
Initial Placement. Class I — Bachelor’s Degree but fewer than thirty
Initial Placement. New employees shall normally be placed at the first step of the appropriate salary range. The District shall have the option of placing a new employee not higher than step five (5) in recognition of exceptional skills and/or experience.
Initial Placement. All new faculty will be evaluated for initial placement on their salary schedule within thirty (30) days of the beginning of their faculty appointment. Permanent placement will be contingent upon submission of required records and documentary evidence within ninety (90) days of employment. Thereafter, any changes made in salary placement as the result of records or documentation submitted after the permanent evaluation will not be retroactive. Initial salary schedule placement is set forth in Appendices A and B of this Agreement.