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Words Used. Wherever appropriate, the masculine gender shall be construed to include the feminine gender and neuter, and the feminine gender shall be construed to include the masculine gender and neuter. Words used in the singular shall be construed to include plurals, and the plural to include the singular.
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Words Used. The terms and words used herein (a) regardless of the number and gender specifically used shall be deemed and construed to include any other number, singular or plural, and any other gender, masculine, feminine or neuter as the context of this Lease or any other section or clause herein may require, the same as if such words had been fully and properly written in the required number and gender, (b) “Premises” and “demised Premises” shall be deemed synonymous.
Words Used. Whenever required by the context hereof, the singular shall include the plural, and vice-versa; the masculine gender shall include the feminine and neuter genders, and vice-versa; and the word “person” shall include a corporation, partnership, firm or other form of association.

Related to Words Used

  • Undefined Terms Terms that may appear in this Agreement which are not defined. Parties acknowledge and agree that any such terms shall be construed in accordance with customary usage in the telecommunications industry as of the effective date of this Agreement.

  • Defined Terms As used in this Agreement, the following terms have the meanings specified below:

  • Other Defined Terms As used in this Agreement, the following terms have the meanings specified below:

  • Terms used In this Act, unless the contrary intention appears —

  • Recitals; Defined Terms The recitals set forth above are true and correct and are incorporated herein by this reference. Capitalized terms used throughout this Amendment shall have the meanings set forth in the Agreement, unless otherwise specifically defined herein.

  • Terms Defined Elsewhere As used in this Agreement, the following capitalized terms are defined in this Agreement as referenced in the following table: Definition Section Agreement Preamble Amendment to the Company Management Agreement Recitals Articles of Merger 2.2(b) Book-Entry Shares 3.3(b)(i) Cancelled Shares 3.1(b)(v) Certificate of Merger 2.2(b) Certificates 3.3(b)(i) Closing 2.2(a) Closing Date 2.2(a) Code Recitals Company Preamble 2 Definition Section Company Additional Dividend Amount 6.19(a) Company Affiliate 9.10(a) Company Board Recitals Company Board Recommendation Recitals Company Change of Recommendation 6.3(b) Company Common Stock 3.1(b)(i) Company Contracts 3.2(b) Company DER Consideration 3.2(b) Company Director Designee 2.6 Company Disclosure Letter Article IV Company Dividend Equivalent Right 3.2(b) Company Material Adverse Effect 4.1(a) Company Permits 4.9 Company Plans 4.10(a) Company SEC Documents 4.5(a) Company Series A Preferred Stock 3.1(b)(iii) Company Series B Preferred Stock 3.1(b)(iii) Company Series C Preferred Stock 3.1(b)(iii) Company Special Committee Recitals Company Stockholders Recitals Company Stockholders Meeting 4.4 Confidentiality Agreement 6.7(b) Creditors’ Rights 4.3(a) Delaware LLC Act 2.1 Delaware Secretary of State 2.2(b) e-mail 9.3 Effective Time 2.2(b) End Date 8.1(b)(ii) Exchange Agent 3.3(a) Exchange Fund 3.3(a) Forfeited Phantom Shares 3.2(a) GAAP 4.5(b) Indemnified Liabilities 6.10(a) Indemnified Persons 6.10(a) Joint Proxy Statement 4.4 Letter of Transmittal 3.3(b)(i) Leverage Covenants 6.1(a)(xiv) Maryland Courts 9.7(b) Maryland Department 2.2(b) Material Company Insurance Policies 4.17 Material Parent Insurance Policies 5.17 Merger Recitals Merger Filings 2.2(b) Merger Sub Preamble Merger Sub Sole Member Recitals Definition Section MGCL 2.1 Operating Partnership 2.1 Parent Preamble Parent Additional Dividend Amount 6.19(b) Parent Affiliate 9.10(b) Parent Board Recitals Parent Board Recommendation 5.3(a) Parent Change of Recommendation 6.4(b) Parent Common Stock Issuance Recitals Parent Contracts 5.16(b) Parent Disclosure Letter Article V Parent Equity Plan 5.2(a) Parent Management Agreement Amendment Recitals Parent Manager Recitals Parent Material Adverse Effect 5.1(a) Parent Permits 5.9 Parent Plans 5.10(a) Parent SEC Documents 5.5(a) Parent Stock Issuance Recitals Parent Stockholders Recitals .pdf 9.5 Per Share Common Merger Consideration 3.1(b)(i) Per Share Preferred Merger Consideration 3.1(b)(iii) Per Share Preferred Series B Merger Consideration 3.1(b)(iii) Per Share Preferred Series C Merger Consideration 3.1(b)(iii) Per Share Preferred Series D Merger Consideration 3.1(b)(iii) Per Share Stock Consideration 3.1(b)(i) Phantom Share Consideration 3.2(a) Qualified REIT Subsidiary 4.1(b) Qualifying Income 8.3(i)(i) Registration Statement 4.8 REITs Recitals Remedial Measures 6.1(b)(xiv) Surviving Company 2.1 Taxable REIT Subsidiary 4.1(b) Terminable Breach 8.1(b)(iii) Transaction Litigation 6.15 Transactions Recitals Vesting Phantom Shares 3.2(a)

  • Capitalized Terms; Rules of Usage Capitalized terms used herein that are not otherwise defined shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in Appendix 1 to the 2018-A Servicing Supplement or, if not defined therein, in Appendix A to the Basic Collateral Agency Agreement. Appendix 1 also contains rules as to usage applicable to this Agreement. Except as otherwise specified herein or as the context may otherwise require, the following terms have the respective meanings set forth below for all purposes of this Agreement:

  • Glossary of Defined Terms Defined Terms Where Defined 9.1(c) Jurisdiction Section 9.1(d) Acquisition Proposal Section 8.3(f) Action Section 8.15(a) Agreement Preamble Applicable Laws Section 5.4(a) Assumed Awards Section 4.1(j) Assumed RSUs Section 4.1(g) Bonus Plan Participant Section 8.16(d) Book Entry Share Section 4.1(b) Cameron Preamble Cameron Assets Section 8.6(d) Cameron Benefit Plans Section 5.12(a) Cameron Board Section 5.2(b) Cameron Common Stock Section 4.1(a) Cameron Deferred Compensation Plans Section 5.3(a) Cameron Deferred Stock Unit Awards Section 4.1(h) Cameron Disclosure Letter Article 5 Preface Cameron Environmental Permits Section 5.15(b) Cameron ERISA affiliate Section 5.12(b)(x) Cameron Excluded Shares Section 4.1(b) Cameron Foreign Benefit Plan Section 5.12(f) Cameron Material Adverse Effect Section 11.11(d) Cameron Option Section 4.1(f) Cameron Performance Share Awards Section 4.1(i) Cameron Permits Section 5.4(b) Cameron Post-Signing Option Section 4.1(f) Cameron Post-Signing Restricted Stock Unit Awards Section 4.1(g) Cameron Preferred Stock Section 5.3(a) Cameron Recommendation Section 5.2(b) Cameron Reports Section 5.6(a) Cameron Restricted Stock Unit Awards Section 4.1(g) Cameron Securities Section 5.3(a) Cameron Stock Plans Section 4.1(f) Cameron Stockholder Approval Section 5.21 Cameron Stockholders Meeting Section 8.2 Cameron Subsidiary Securities Section 5.3(c) Cameron Surviving Shares Section 4.1(b) Cameron U.S. Benefit Plan Section 5.12(b) Certificate of Merger Section 1.3 Certificates Section 4.1(b) Change in Recommendation Section 8.3(b) Closing Section 1.2 Closing Date Section 1.2 COBRA Section 5.12(b)(xii) Code Recitals Confidentiality Agreement Section 8.3(a) Contract Section 5.22 Converted Option Section 4.1(f) Converted Performance Shares Section 4.1(i) Covered Employees Section 8.16(a) Debt Section 11.11(b) Delaware Court Section 11.7 Delaware LLC Act Recitals DGCL Recitals Dissenting Shares Section 4.4 Dissenting Stockholder Section 4.4 EC Merger Regulation Section 5.5(b) Effective Time Section 1.3 Environmental Laws Section 5.15(a) Equity Award Exchange Ratio Section 4.1(f) ERISA Section 5.12(a) Exchange Act Section 5.5(b) Exchange Agent Section 4.2(a) Exchange Fund Section 4.2(a) Exchange Ratio Section 4.1(a) Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Section 5.24(a) Foreign Government Official Section 5.24(a) Form S-4 Section 8.2 GAAP Section 5.6(b) Governmental Entity Section 11.11(c) Hazardous Materials Section 5.15(a) HSR Act Section 5.5(b) Indemnified Party Section 8.15(a) Initial Termination Date Section 10.2(a) Intellectual Property Rights Section 5.16 IRS Section 5.12(a) Joint Venture Article 5 Preface knowledge Section 11.11(a) Letter of Transmittal Section 4.2(b) Liens Section 5.3(b) Material Adverse Effect Section 11.11(d) Material Contract Section 5.22 Merger Recitals Merger Consideration Section 4.1(a) Merger Sub Preamble New Plans Section 8.16(b) Non-Schlumberger US Subsidiaries Section 7.3 NYSE Section 5.5(b) OFAC Section 5.23(a) Old Plans Section 8.16(b) Per Share Cash Amount Section 4.1(c) Permitted Lien Section 11.11(e) person Section 11.11(f) PPACA Section 5.12(b)(xii) Proceeding Section 8.1(b)(xii) Prohibited Person Section 5.23(a) Proxy Statement/Prospectus Section 8.2 Regulatory Laws Section 8.6(f) Related Persons Section 10.5(a) Representatives Section 8.3(a) Returns Section 5.11(a) Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxx Act Section 5.7(a) Schlumberger Preamble Schlumberger Assets Section 8.6(d) Schlumberger Common Stock Recitals

  • Defined Term For purposes of this Section 2.14, the term “applicable law” includes FATCA.

  • Defined Terms; References Unless otherwise specifically defined herein, each term used herein which is defined in the Credit Agreement has the meaning assigned to such term in the Credit Agreement. Each reference to "hereof", "hereunder", "herein" and "hereby" and each other similar reference and each reference to "this Agreement" and each other similar reference contained in the Credit Agreement shall, after this Amendment becomes effective, refer to the Credit Agreement as amended hereby.