Under the Master Lease Sample Clauses

Under the Master Lease. Sublandlord must obtain the consent of Landlord to any subletting. This Sublease shall not be effective unless, on or before April 22, 1999, Landlord signs and delivers to Sublandlord and Subtenant a consent to this Sublease thereby giving Landlord's consent to this subletting. Sublandlord shall use its best efforts to obtain such consent as soon as possible.
Under the Master Lease. Sublandlord must obtain the consent of Landlord to any subletting. This Sublease shall not be effective unless, on or before the time provided in the Master Lease for Landlord to approve a subletting, this Sublease is signed by both Sublandlord and Subtenant, Landlord signs and delivers to Sublandlord and Subtenant a consent to this Sublease thereby giving Landlord's consent to this subletting.
Under the Master Lease. Sublandlord must obtain the consent of Landlord to any subletting. Landlord has, pursuant to that certain letter dated May 14, 1997, consented to this Sublease.
Under the Master Lease. Sublandlord must obtain the consent of Landlord to any subletting. This Sublease shall not be effective unless, within fourteen (14) days after the execution of this Sublease by Subtenant and Sublandlord, Landlord signs and delivers to Sublandlord and Subtenant a consent to this Sublease reasonably acceptable to Subtenant.

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  • Master Lease This Sublease must follow and is subject to the original lease agreement between the Sublessor and Landlord, a copy of which has been attached and is hereby referred to and incorporated as if it were set out here at length (“Master Lease”). The Sublessee agrees to assume all of the obligations and responsibilities of the Sublessor under the Master Lease for the duration of the Sublease. All disclosures and statements required by the State and listed in the Master Lease shall made part of this Sublease and, when attached, shall be considered disclosed to the Sublessee in accordance with State and local laws.

  • Default by Lessee Should Lessee at any time be in default with respect to payment of rent for a period of ten (10) days after written notice from Lessor; or should Lessee be in default in the performance of any other of its obligations under this Lease for thirty (30) days after written notice from Lessor specifying the particulars of the default; or should Lessee vacate and abandon the Premises; or if a petition in bankruptcy or other insolvency proceeding is filed by or against Lessee, without dismissal within thirty (30) days of filing; or if Lessee makes any general assignment for the benefit of creditors or composition; or if a petition or other proceeding is instituted by or against the Lessee for the appointment of a trustee, receiver, or liquidator of Lessee or of any of Lessee's property pursuant to laws for the benefit of creditors; or if a proceeding is instituted by any governmental authority for the dissolution or liquidation of Lessee; then and in any such events, Lessor, in addition to other rights or remedies it may have, shall have the immediate right of reentry in the Premises, and after five (5) days prior written notice to Lessee, may remove all persons and property from the premises.

  • ABATEMENT OF RENT; LESSEE'S REMEDIES (a) In the event of (i) Premises Partial Damage or (ii) Hazardous Substance Condition for which Lessee is not legally responsible, the Base Rent, Common Area Operating Expenses and other charges, if any, payable by Lessee hereunder for the period during which such damage or condition, its repair, remediation or restoration continues, shall be abated in proportion to the degree to which Lessee's use of the Premises is impaired, but not in excess of proceeds from insurance required to be carried under Paragraph 8.3(b). Except for abatement of Base Rent, Common Area Operating Expenses and other charges, if any, as aforesaid, all other obligations of Lessee hereunder shall be performed by Lessee, and Lessee shall have no claim against Lessor for any damage suffered by reason of any such damage, destruction, repair, remediation or restoration.

  • Default by Seller In the event the Closing and the transactions contemplated hereby do not occur as herein provided by reason of any default of Seller, Purchaser may, as Purchaser's sole and exclusive remedy, elect by notice to Seller within ten (10) Business Days following the Closing Date, either of the following: (a) terminate this Agreement, in which event Purchaser will receive from the Escrow Agent the Earnest Money Deposit, together with all interest accrued thereon, whereupon Seller and Purchaser will have no further rights or obligations under this Agreement, except with respect to the Termination Surviving Obligations; or (b) seek to enforce specific performance of Seller's obligations under this Agreement. Purchaser expressly waives its rights to seek damages in the event the transactions hereunder do not close by reason of Seller's default hereunder. Purchaser shall be deemed to have elected to terminate this Agreement and receive back the Earnest Money Deposit if Purchaser fails to advise Seller, on or before thirty (30) days following the Closing Date or thirty (30) days following the last date to which Seller had exercised an extension of the Closing past the Closing Date, that it intends to file suit for specific performance against Seller in a court having jurisdiction in the county and state in which the Property is located, and if Purchaser fails to actually file such suit within thirty (30) days thereafter. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing contained in this Section 13.1 will limit Purchaser's remedies at law, in equity or as herein provided in pursuing remedies of a breach by Seller of any of the Termination Surviving Obligations.

  • Default by Lessor Lessor shall not be in default unless Lessor fails to perform obligations required of Lessor within a reasonable time, but in no event later than thirty (30) days after written notice by Lessee to Lessor and to the holder of any first mortgage or deed of trust covering the Premises whose name and address shall have theretofore been furnished to Lessee in writing, specifying wherein Lessor has failed to perform such obligation; provided, however, that if the nature of Lessor's obligation is such that more than thirty (30) days are required for performance then Lessor shall not be in default if Lessor commences performance within such 30-day period and thereafter diligently prosecutes the same to completion.

  • Termination of Master Lease If for any reason the term of the Master Lease shall terminate prior to the scheduled Expiration Date, this Sublease shall thereupon be terminated and Sublandlord shall not be liable to Subtenant by reason thereof unless (i) Subtenant shall not then be in default hereunder beyond any applicable notice and cure period and (ii) such termination shall have been effected because of the breach or default of Sublandlord under the Master Lease or by reason of the voluntary termination or surrender of the Master Lease by Sublandlord.

  • CURING TENANT'S DEFAULTS If Tenant shall be in default in the performance of any of its obligations hereunder, Landlord, without any obligation to do so, in addition to any other rights it may have in law or equity, may elect to cure such default on behalf of Tenant after written notice (except in the case of emergency) to Tenant. Tenant shall reimburse Landlord upon demand for any sums paid or costs incurred by Landlord in curing such default, including interest thereon from the respective dates of Landlord's incurring such costs, which sums and costs together with interest shall be deemed additional rent.

  • INDUCEMENT RECAPTURE IN EVENT OF BREACH Any agreement by Lessor for free or abated rent or other charges applicable to the Premises, or for the giving or paying by Lessor to or for Lessee of any cash or other bonus, inducement or consideration for Lessee's entering into this Lease, all of which concessions are hereinafter referred to as "INDUCEMENT PROVISIONS" shall be deemed conditioned upon Lessee's full and faithful performance of all of the terms, covenants and conditions of this Lease to be performed or observed by Lessee during the term hereof as the same may be extended. Upon the occurrence of a Breach (as defined in Paragraph 13.1) of this Lease by Lessee, any such Inducement Provision shall automatically be deemed deleted from this Lease and of no further force or effect, and any rent, other charge, bonus, inducement or consideration theretofore abated, given or paid by Lessor under such an Inducement Provision shall be immediately due and payable by Lessee to Lessor, and recoverable by Lessor, as additional rent due under this Lease, notwithstanding any subsequent cure of said Breach by Lessee. The acceptance by Lessor of rent or the cure of the Breach which initiated the operation of this Paragraph 13.3 shall not be deemed a waiver by Lessor of the provisions of this Paragraph 13.3 unless specifically so stated in writing by Lessor at the time of such acceptance.

  • Required Sublease Provisions Any sublease of all or any portion of the Leased Property shall provide (a) that it is subject and subordinate to this Agreement and to the matters to which this Agreement is or shall be subject or subordinate; (b) that in the event of termination of this Agreement or reentry or dispossession of Tenant by Landlord under this Agreement, Landlord may, at its option, terminate such sublease or take over all of the right, title and interest of Tenant, as sublessor under such sublease, and such subtenant shall, at Landlord’s option, attorn to Landlord pursuant to the then executory provisions of such sublease, except that neither Landlord nor any Facility Mortgagee, as holder of a mortgage or as Landlord under this Agreement, if such mortgagee succeeds to that position, shall (i) be liable for any act or omission of Tenant under such sublease, (ii) be subject to any credit, counterclaim, offset or defense which theretofore accrued to such subtenant against Tenant, (iii) be bound by any previous modification of such sublease not consented to in writing by Landlord or by any previous prepayment of more than one (1) month’s rent, (iv) be bound by any covenant of Tenant to undertake or complete any construction of the applicable Property, or any portion thereof, (v) be required to account for any security deposit of the subtenant other than any security deposit actually delivered to Landlord by Tenant, (vi) be bound by any obligation to make any payment to such subtenant or grant any credits, except for services, repairs, maintenance and restoration provided for under the sublease that are performed after the date of such attornment, (vii) be responsible for any monies owing by Tenant to the credit of such subtenant unless actually delivered to Landlord by Tenant, or (viii) be required to remove any Person occupying any portion of the Leased Property; and (c) in the event that such subtenant receives a written Notice from Landlord or any Facility Mortgagee stating that an Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, such subtenant shall thereafter be obligated to pay all rentals accruing under such sublease directly to the party giving such Notice or as such party may direct. All rentals received from such subtenant by Landlord or the Facility Mortgagee, as the case may be, shall be credited against the amounts owing by Tenant under this Agreement and such sublease shall provide that the subtenant thereunder shall, at the request of Landlord, execute a suitable instrument in confirmation of such agreement to attorn. An original counterpart of each such sublease and assignment and assumption, duly executed by Tenant and such subtenant or assignee, as the case may be, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Landlord, shall be delivered promptly to Landlord and (x) in the case of an assignment, the assignee shall assume in writing and agree to keep and perform all of the terms of this Agreement on the part of Tenant to be kept and performed and shall be, and become, jointly and severally liable with Tenant for the performance thereof and (y) in the case of either an assignment or subletting, Tenant shall remain primarily liable, as principal rather than as surety, for the prompt payment of the Rent and for the performance and observance of all of the covenants and conditions to be performed by Tenant hereunder. The provisions of this Section 16.2 shall not be deemed a waiver of the provisions set forth in the first paragraph of Section 16.1.

  • REMOVAL OF RECORDS FROM PREMISES Contractor shall not remove any documents, papers, files, or Data (records), whether in hard copy or electronic form, from the premises of an Authorized User or from electronic storage media used by the Authorized User without prior written approval of the Authorized User. In addition, Contractor shall not, remotely or otherwise, access, modify, copy, destroy, or delete such records without prior written approval of the Authorized User. CONTRACTOR RESPONSIBILITY FOR SUBCONTRACTORS The following requirements shall supplement the requirements of Appendix B, § 42 and 44:  The Contractor shall not in any way be relieved of any responsibility under the Contract by any subcontract.  The Contractor shall be solely responsible to the State and Authorized User for the acts or defaults of its Subcontractors and of such Subcontractors' officers, agents, and employees, each of whom shall for this purpose, be deemed to be the agent or employee of the Contractor to the extent of its subcontract.  Any Deliverable provided or furnished by a Subcontractor shall be deemed for purposes of the Contract to be provided or furnished by the Contractor.  The Contractor shall inform each Subcontractor fully and completely of all provisions and requirements of the Contract, including: