Manufacturing Processes definition

Manufacturing Processes means all Information that is Controlled by Marina Bio or its Affiliates and is used to manufacture the delivery formulation in the Marina Bio Technology.
Manufacturing Processes means all manufacturing processes planned, researched, used, licensed or otherwise put into use by the Company or any of its Affiliates, together with the identity of all subcontractors dealt with during the Executive’s employment.
Manufacturing Processes means any method or process, including related apparatus, used in the fabrication of Discs, including process steps directed to quality assurance procedures and/or testing of Discs.

Examples of Manufacturing Processes in a sentence

  • Reich Test, Atmospheric Emissions from Sulfuric Acid Manufacturing Processes, Public Health Service Publication No. PB82250721, 1980.

  • Compliance with these PM and PM10 limits satisfies the allowable particulate emission rates specified in 326 IAC 6-3 (Particulate Emission Limitations for Manufacturing Processes).

  • Air Conditioner Manufacturing Processes; This assessment is based on the observation made during site visit and the document provided from the air conditioner factories who are participating in the program to phase out HCFC-22to HFC-32.

  • Aircraft Inspectors and Examiners (other than inspectors and examiners employed inspecting or examining sheet metal work elsewhere than in the Directorate of Quality Assurance, RAAF), Certified Mine Managers, Engineering Inspectors, Building Inspectors, Testers of Engineering Materials, Production Planners, Planners of Engineering Production, Manufacturing Processes, Construction or Maintenance Work, Weather Officers.

  • Visible emissions that do not violate 326 IAC 6-4 (Fugitive Dust Emissions), 326 IAC 6-3-2 (Particulate Emission Limitations for Manufacturing Processes) or an applicable opacity limit is not a deviation from this permit.

More Definitions of Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing Processes the methods, processes, materials (including, without limitation, raw materials and manufacturing materials), controls and facilities (including, without limitation, the equipment and equipment location) used in the manufacturing operations to produce the Product(s), including without limitation, the design, manufacture, packaging, labeling, handling, storage, distribution, installation and servicing of the Product(s), as applicable, given the nature of the Product.
Manufacturing Processes has the meaning set forth in Section 4.6(b).
Manufacturing Processes has the meaning set forth in Section 2.6.
Manufacturing Processes means all processes related to the production of the Acquired Assets, including, as applicable: (i) flow charts and process descriptions, bills of materials, and method sheets of each and every process step for the manufacture of the Acquired Assets; and (ii) full and complete specifications on all equipment used specifically for the Acquired Assets, such as molds, gluing stations, fixtures, jigs and test equipment including software and Computer Code.
Manufacturing Processes means the production processes for the manufacture of Bulk Product.
Manufacturing Processes means:
Manufacturing Processes means the [Redacted: Quantity] Lot Manufacturing Process and the [Redacted: Quantity] Lot Manufacturing Process.