Importation Sample Clauses

Importation. All property hereto has been acquired by LEASOR in the Federal Republic of Germany and shall be imported by LEASEE to the Republic of Colombia. LEASEE agrees to comply with all legal and regulatory dispositions ruling the importation of property to the Republic of Colombia. LEASEE is expressly obliged to constitute warranties required by law, to file purchase invoice and the appropriate customs declaration in compliance with all legal dispositions in effect and upon payment of customs duties (including importation duties, taxes and all other applicable liens for the leased property). And, in general, LEASEE is obliged to comply with any customs and taxing obligation within the terms and conditions agreed on. If, as a result of legal procedures, authorities make requirements or perform official dissolution, or make any customs or taxing obligation directly enforceable to LEASOR for its condition as owner, LEASEE agrees to directly assume all costs and expenses, including lawyer fees -if that is the case-, involved in answering to requirements, actions against official dissolution and, particularly, to reimburse the value of costs and expenses to LEASOR, including -if the case may be-, importation duties, taxes, fines and all other liens paid by LEASOR in performing a customs and taxing obligation. PARAGRAPH ONE. LEASEE acknowledges the entire customs and Colombian tax regime in force as of the date of subscription and legalization of this Contract and agrees to comply with it under the terms and conditions provided by the law. PARAGRAPH TWO. LEASOR, or a third party designated by LEASOR, is authorized to pay the value of the customs duties and fiscal contributions corresponding to payments of the leasing installments whenever LEASEE does not comply with this obligation within a period of fifteen (15) days previous to the date the corresponding installment is paid. In any event, LEASEE must notify and prove payment of taxes to LEASOR, within a period of twenty-four (24) hours following payment. Failure to comply with this obligation shall result in application of fines described in Clause Twenty-seven.
Importation. Si les Produits sont importés, AGILENT sera l’importateur sauf accord contraire. Si AGILENT n’est pas l’importateur, le Fournisseur doit lui fournir toutes les informations et justificatifs lui permettant de récupérer les droits de douane et la TVA.
Importation. Client agrees that any necessary import, export or other licenses or certificates for the import or handling of the Collateral (as defined in Section 5.1 hereof) will have been promptly procured; all foreign and domestic governmental laws and regulations in regard to the shipment and importation of the Collateral, or the financing thereof will have been promptly and fully complied with; and any certificates in that regard that Factor may at any time request will be promptly furnished. In this connection, Client warrants and represents that all shipments made under any such Letters of Credit are in accordance with the governmental laws and regulations of the countries in which the shipments originate and terminate, and are not prohibited by any such laws and regulations.
Importation. Any goods marked or labeled in contravention of the provisions of this section shall not be im- ported into the United States or admitted to entry at any customhouse of the United States. The owner, importer, or consignee of goods re- fused entry at any customhouse under this sec- tion may have any recourse by protest or appeal that is given under the customs revenue laws or may have the remedy given by this chapter in cases involving goods refused entry or seized.
Importation. Upon timely application in the prescribed form and with the prescribed fee to the appropriate Government Entity, PanAfrican Tanzania and its contractors engaged in Petroleum Operations hereunder and TPDC in respect of Joint Operations established pursuant to Article VIII shall be permitted, subject to applicable law, to import free of duty or other taxes on imports, machinery, equipment, vehicles, materials, supplies, consumable items (other than food stuffs and alcoholic beverages) and moveable property where imports in any of the said categories have been certified by a responsible representative of TPDC to be used solely in carrying out operations under this Agreement.
Importation. In the event the goods to be sold by the Seller are imported into Mexico, and regardless of the entity or individual that will act as the importer of record, Seller will be responsible for the accurate and timely processing of every importation and securing all the corresponding import documentation, and will pay for any duties, taxes, fees, tariffs, antidumping/countervailing duties, quotas, and any other cost and tax related with the importation of the goods.
Importation. 24.1.1 The following goods solely shall be imported and delivered to ISR by Supplier under the Delivery Terms, with all importation documents being established under ISR's name (the "Imported Goods"):
Importation. No person may im- port dates into the United States un- less he or she first files with the Col- lector of Customs at the port at which the Customs entry is filed, as a condi- tion of each such importation, either an inspection certificate or an exe- cuted Form FV–6—‘Importer’s Exempt Commodity Form.’
Importation. You are expressly advised to read the Collection and Shipment of Wines form which is part of this Agreement. Various jurisdictions prohibit the importation, or limit the quantity, of alcoholic beverages that may be brought or shipped into such jurisdiction. In addition, various jurisdictions may require the purchaser, seller or shipper to possess certain licenses or permits. Moreover, local laws may prohibit the importation and/or the resale of wine. It shall be your sole responsibility to determine if such prohibitions, restrictions or limitations are applicable to you and to determine – before bidding at auction – the manner, if at all, in which alcoholic beverages can legally be brought into any jurisdiction. The prohibition or denial of, or delay in obtaining, any such permit or license shall neither justify the rescission of any sale nor any delay in making full payment for the purchase. Neither AMC nor Seller make any representation or warranty as to the legal right of any party to ship or import alcoholic beverages to or from any jurisdiction. Further, neither AMC nor Seller assume any obligation or bears any responsibility whatsoever for applying for or obtaining any such permits or licenses.