The Governmental Sample Clauses

The Governmental. Lender will promptly notify the Borrower, the Servicer and the Funding Lender in writing of the occurrence of any Borrower Loan Agreement Default, provided that the Governmental Lender has received written notice or otherwise has ...
The Governmental. Funding Entity shall certify that the funds transferred qualify for federal financial participation pursuant to 42 C.F.R. part 433 subpart B, and are not derived from impermissible sources such as recycled Medicaid payments, federal money excluded from use as State match, impermissible taxes, and non-bona fide provider-related donations. For transferring units of government that are also direct service providers, impermissible sources do not include patient care or other revenue received from programs such as Medicare or Medicaid to the extent that the program revenue is not obligated to the State as the source of funding.

Related to The Governmental

  • No Governmental Prohibition No order, statute, rule, regulation, executive order, injunction, stay, decree, judgment or restraining order shall have been enacted, entered, promulgated or enforced by any court or governmental or regulatory authority or instrumentality which prohibits the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby.

  • Actions Before Governmental Authorities There are no actions, suits or proceedings at law or in equity or by or before any governmental authority now pending or, to the knowledge of Borrower, threatened against or affecting Borrower or its property, that is reasonably expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect.

  • No Governmental Proceedings No action or proceeding shall have been instituted before a court or other governmental body by any governmental agency or public authority to restrain or prohibit the transactions set forth in this Agreement and WWE shall have delivered to MFC a certificate of WWE in the form annexed hereto as Exhibit "O" (Article "12.A. i."), signed by the President of WWE and dated the Closing Date to such effect;

  • Compliance with Government Regulations The Company covenants that if any share of Common Stock required to be reserved for purposes of exercise or conversion of Warrants require, under any federal or state law or applicable governing rule or regulation of any national securities exchange, registration with or approval of any governmental authority, or listing on any such national securities exchange, before such shares may be issued upon exercise, the Company will use its commercially reasonable efforts to cause such shares to be duly registered, approved or listed on the relevant national securities exchange, as the case may be.

  • No Governmental Review Such Buyer understands that no United States federal or state agency or any other government or governmental agency has passed on or made any recommendation or endorsement of the Securities or the fairness or suitability of the investment in the Securities nor have such authorities passed upon or endorsed the merits of the offering of the Securities.

  • Other Governmental Regulations To the extent that this Agreement may be funded by fiscal assistance from another governmental entity, Consultant and any subcontractors shall comply with all applicable rules and regulations to which City is bound by the terms of such fiscal assistance program.

  • Compliance with Government Rules and Regulations PFPC undertakes to comply with all applicable requirements of the 1933 Act, the 1934 Act, the 1940 Act, and the CEA, and any laws, rules and regulations of governmental authorities having jurisdiction with respect to all duties to be performed by PFPC hereunder. Except as specifically set forth herein, PFPC assumes no responsibility for such compliance by the Fund.

  • Compliance with Governmental Regulations Landlord and Tenant shall comply with all rules, regulations and requirements promulgated by national, state or local governmental agencies or utility suppliers concerning the use of utility services, including any rationing, limitation or other control. Tenant shall not be entitled to terminate this Lease nor to any abatement in rent by reason of such compliance.

  • No Governmental Action There shall not have been any action taken, or any law, rule, regulation, order, or decree proposed, promulgated, enacted, entered, enforced, or deemed applicable to the transactions contemplated by any of the Operative Documents, by any federal, state, local, or other governmental authority or by any court or other tribunal, including the entry of a preliminary or permanent injunction, which, in the reasonable judgment of the Seller, (i) makes any of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement illegal, (ii) results in a material delay in the ability of the Seller to consummate any of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement, or (iii) otherwise prohibits, restricts, or materially delays consummation of any of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.

  • Compliance; Governmental Authorizations The Management Company and the Management Business shall have complied in all material respects with all applicable material Federal, state, local or foreign laws, ordinances, regulations and orders. The Management Company has all Federal, state, local and foreign governmental licenses and permits necessary in the conduct of the Management Business, the lack of which would have a material adverse effect on the Management Company's ability to operate the Management Business after the date hereof on substantially the same basis as presently operated, such licenses and permits are in full force and effect, the Management Company has not received any notice indicating that any violations are or have been recorded in respect of any thereof, and no proceeding is pending or, to the best knowledge of the Management Company, threatened to revoke or limit any thereof. To the best knowledge of the Management Company, none of such licenses and permits shall be affected in any material respect by the transactions contemplated hereby.