Delivery of goods definition

Delivery of goods control document’ shall mean a document, containing information on goods conveyed across the customs border of the Republic of Kazakhstan, required for customs authorities to exercise control over the delivery of goods to the customs point of destination.
Delivery of goods means any of the followings:
Delivery of goods means providing to or placing under the control of TenneT one or more items and/or property rights (including but not confined to delivery of software);

Examples of Delivery of goods in a sentence

  • Delivery of goods or services to the City of Fairhope by Purchase Order have detailed and varied Business License requirements.

  • Delivery of goods shall not be taken into stock until such goods have been inspected and considered to be fit for being accepted and taken into stock by the Inspection Committee/ Acceptance Committee of the Stores.

  • Delivery of goods or performance of services shall be within the number of calendar days stated below after receipt of order (ARO) by the bidder.

  • Delivery of goods must be made in accordance with the instructions appearing on the official Purchase Order issued by GPL.

  • Delivery of goods shall not be taken into stock until such goods have been inspected and considered to be fit for being accepted and taken into stock by the Inspection Committee/Acceptance Committee of the Stores.

  • Delivery of goods sold shall be granted as per the working hours of that particular location of WCL where the materials have been stored.

  • Delivery of goods to customers by foreign corporation in its own or leased vehicles from a point outside the taxing state.

  • Delivery of goods sold shall be granted as per the working hours of that particular location of SCCL where the materials have been stored.

  • Delivery of goods and performance of services shall be made by the provider in accordance with the time schedule prescribed by the purchaser in the contract.

  • Delivery of goods shall be made by the supplier within 30 days of placing of purchase order, however, in case of emergent requirement he has to supply the required quantity of goods within 1 weeks of placing of order also.

More Definitions of Delivery of goods

Delivery of goods means when the Carrier is placing the Goods to the dis- posal of the party entitled to receive them, after due notice of arrival has been given, in the port of discharge or place of delivery whichever is applicable. “Carriage by water” includes carriage by sea as well as inland waterways. “Package” includes any type of container stuffed and sealed by the Merchant or on his behalf, although the Merchant may have furnished in the Particulars herein the contents of such sealed container (See Clause 13and 14). “Shipping Unit” and “Freight Unit” shall have the same definition and mean each physical unit, car, truck or piece of cargo not shipped in a package, irrespective of the weight or measurement unit employed in calculating freight charges (See Clauses 13 and 14). “Onboard” means onboard any means of transport used by the Carrier for a Combined Transport Shipment.
Delivery of goods means any of the followings:(i) the handing over the goods to the consignee; or
Delivery of goods refers to that the Custodian virtually delivers any Securities to the consignee designated by the Bank in accordance with the relevant instructions of delivering goods.

Related to Delivery of goods

  • Supply of goods means the transfer of the right to dispose of tangible property as owner.

  • Release of goods means the act whereby the customs authorities make goods available for the purposes stipulated by the customs procedure under which they are placed.

  • Delivery Order is defined in Section 3.

  • Purchase Orders means official orders issued by an operating division of Transnet to the Supplier/Service Provider for the supply of Goods or Services;

  • international application means an application filed under this Treaty;

  • Delivery means delivery in compliance of the conditions of the contract or order.

  • Hire Goods means any machine, article, tool and/or device, together with any accessories specified in a Contract which are hired to you;

  • Delivery ex stock means immediate delivery directly from stock actually on hand.

  • Finished Goods means units of a manufactured product awaiting sale.

  • Purchase Order Number means the Customer’s unique number relating to the supply of the Services;

  • Household goods means personal effects and property used or to be used in a dwelling when a part of the equipment or supply of that dwelling. Household goods do not include property moving from a factory or store, unless the property was purchased by the householder with intent to use the property in his or her dwelling, the property is transported at the request of the householder, and the householder pays the carrier's transportation charges either directly or indirectly.

  • International shipment means the transportation of hazardous waste into or out of the jurisdiction of the United States.

  • Delivery Agent means, in relation to any Series of Covered Bonds that contemplates physical settlement, the financial institution appointed as delivery agent for the purposes of such Covered Bonds and named as such in the applicable Final Terms;

  • Contract for Goods means any contract, purchase order or agreement for the purchase of goods awarded by the city and whose cost is to be paid from funds belonging to or administered by the city; provided that a “contract” does not include: (i) a delegate agency contract; (ii) a lease of real property;

  • Purchase Order means the form or format a Customer uses to make a purchase under the Contract (e.g., a formal written purchase order, electronic purchase order, procurement card, contract or other authorized means).

  • Finished Products means any one or more of the following petroleum oils, or a mixture or combination of these oils, to be used without further processing except blending by mechanical means:

  • Shipment means a volume of products offered to and accepted by Carrier for transportation.

  • The Purchase Order means the order placed by the Purchaser on the Supplier signed by the Purchaser including all attachments and appendices thereto and all documents incorporated by reference therein. The purchase order shall be deemed as "Contract" appearing in the document.