Petroleum Operations definition

Petroleum Operations means, as the context may require, Exploration Operations, Development Operations or Production Operations or any combination of two or more of such operations, including construction, operation and maintenance of all necessary facilities, plugging and abandonment of Xxxxx, safety, environmental protection, transportation, storage, sale or disposition of Petroleum to the Delivery Point, Site Restoration and any or all other incidental operations or activities as may be necessary.
Petroleum Operations means activities undertaken in the Contract Area for the purposes of:
Petroleum Operations means all Appraisal, Development, Redevelopment, Production Operations, and any other activities related thereto.

Examples of Petroleum Operations in a sentence

  • All costs and expenditures allowable under Section 3, relating to Petroleum Operations, shall be classified, defined and allocated as set out below in this Section.

  • Subject to Article 4.7, the Contractor shall indemnify, defend and hold the Government, and the State Government harmless against all claims, losses and damages of any nature whatsoever, including, without limitation, claims for loss or damage to property or injury or death to persons caused by or resulting from any Petroleum Operations conducted by or on behalf of the Contractor.

  • Data shall be the property of the Government, provided, however, that the Contractor shall have the right to make use of such Data, free of cost, for the purpose of Petroleum Operations under this Contract as provided herein.

  • The Contractor shall act, on a exclusive basis for the Government for the entire Contract Area, to conduct and carry out the Petroleum Operations.

  • The Contractor shall bear, at its sole risk and expense, the full responsibility to finance the Petroleum Operations, subject to the provisions of Article 15 below.

More Definitions of Petroleum Operations

Petroleum Operations means all the activities of Exploration, Exploitation and transportation of Hydrocarbons referred to in this Contract, including storage and processing, especially the processing of Natural Gas, as well as the activities of loading or delivery of Hydrocarbons up to the Delivery Point, excluding activities of refining, storage and distribution of petroleum products.
Petroleum Operations means Exploration Operations and Production Operations carried out in or in connection with a Licence Area;
Petroleum Operations means the operations related to the various phases of the petroleum industry, and includes natural gas processing, exploring for, producing, refining, transporting and marketing petroleum or petroleum products or both, and manufacturing and marketing of petrochemicals; but does not include mining operations involving the extraction of petroleum from bituminous shales, tar sands, asphalt or other like deposits;
Petroleum Operations means all or any of the operations, authorised under this Contract, related to the exploration for, finding, appraisal, development, extraction, production, decommissioning, separation and treatment, storage, transportation, and sale or disposal of, Petroleum up to the point of export or the agreed Delivery Point in Kenya or the point of entry into a refinery and includes Natural Gas processing, liquefaction and compressed Natural Gas operations but does not include petroleum refining operations;
Petroleum Operations means operations carried out pursuant to, or for
Petroleum Operations means the Exploration Operations, the Development Operations, the Production Operations, and all other activities related thereto carried out under this Contract, but excludes mining operations involving the extraction of Petroleum from bituminous shales, tar sands, asphalt or other like deposits.
Petroleum Operations means the operations related to the exploration, development, extraction, production, field separation, transportation, storage, sale or disposal of petroleum; but does not include any transportation or other operations-