Field Sample Clauses

Field. All fields of use.
Field. The term “Field” shall mean all uses.
Field. The term “Field” shall mean all fields.
Field. Field means the delivery of Gene Therapy Constructs to cells in (a) the central nervous system (“CNS”) or (b) the liver, in each case where such delivery is for the purpose of effecting expression of the applicable RNA or amino acid sequence in the targeted cells and is potentially useful for the diagnosis, treatment, palliation or prevention of a disease or medical condition in humans or animals, irrespective of the administration site or mode of administration (e.g., intravenous, direct injection, subcutaneous or intrathecal) of the Compound used to effect delivery. For clarity, intravenous administration of any Compound targeted to cells in other organs (i.e., not specifically targeted to liver or CNS tissues), including for treatment of neoplastic and eye disorders, is excluded from the Field.
Field. The term “Field” shall mean […***…].
Field shall be all fields and uses (products, services, technologies) except for
Field use of PATENT RIGHTS to develop, manufacture, use, offer for sale, sell, or import components and products in FIELD I and/or FIELD II: FIELD I: [***] FIELD II: [***]
Field. Field” shall mean the production of […***…] from syngas produced primarily from Waste materials.
Field. (a) Ultrafine grain or nanostructured metals and alloys other than ***, and alloys thereof, and (b) processes for making ultrafine grain or nanostructured metals and alloys other than ***, and alloys thereof.
Field. Field means any and all fields of use other than the Prohibited Field.