Leasehold Estate definition

Leasehold Estate means Borrower’s interest in the Land and any other real property leased by Borrower pursuant to the Ground Lease, if applicable, including all of the following:
Leasehold Estate. As defined in Section 17.1(a).
Leasehold Estate. As defined in Section 17.1(a). Legal Requirements: All federal, state, county, municipal and other governmental statutes, laws, rules, policies, guidance, codes, orders, regulations, ordinances, permits, licenses, covenants, conditions, restrictions, judgments, decrees and injunctions (including common law, Gaming Regulations and Environmental Laws) affecting either the Leased Property, Tenant’s Property and all Capital Improvements or the construction, use or alteration thereof, whether now or hereafter enacted and in force, including any which may (i) require repairs, modifications or alterations in or to the Leased Property and Tenant’s Property, (ii) in any way adversely affect the use and enjoyment thereof, or (iii) regulate the transport, handling, use, storage or disposal or require the cleanup or other treatment of any Hazardous Substance.

Examples of Leasehold Estate in a sentence

  • Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, the Club shall neither permit a Sale of Club nor assign, transfer, convey, enter into a Leasehold Mortgage, hypothecate or pledge all or any part of its interest in its Leasehold Estate created by this Agreement, except with the prior written consent of the PFD, which consent may be withheld at the PFD’s sole discretion.

  • Damages caused by the Eviction that the Insured is obligated to pay to lessees or sublessees on account of the breach of any lease or sublease permitted by the Lease and made by the Tenant as lessor of all or part of the Leasehold Estate or the Tenant Leasehold Improvements.

  • The amount of rent that, by the terms of the Lease, the Insured must continue to pay to the lessor after Eviction with respect to the portion of the Leasehold Estate and Tenant Leasehold Improvements from which the Insured has been Evicted.

  • Rent or damages for use and occupancy of the Land prior to the Eviction that the Insured as owner of the Leasehold Estate may be obligated to pay to any person having paramount title to that of the lessor in the Lease.

  • The Insured Claimant shall have the right to have the Leasehold Estate and the Tenant Leasehold Improvements affected by a defect insured against by the policy valued either as a whole or separately.

More Definitions of Leasehold Estate

Leasehold Estate means the right of possession granted in the Lease for the Lease Term.
Leasehold Estate means Tenant’s leasehold estate, and all of Tenant’s rights, privileges, and Preemptive Rights, under this Lease, upon and subject to all the terms and conditions of this Lease, and any direct or indirect interest in such leasehold estate.
Leasehold Estate means a legal estate for a term of years absolute;
Leasehold Estate is defined in Section 17.1.1.
Leasehold Estate means the estate in the Property created by each Ground Lease.
Leasehold Estate means Tenant’s leasehold estate in and to this Lease, including‌ Tenant’s rights, title and interest in and to the Premises and Improvements, or any applicable portion thereof or interest therein.