Legal Description definition

Legal Description means a complete description of land to be annexed without internal references to any other document, and shall be described in one of the following ways:
Legal Description means a description of a specific par- cel of real estate that is described in one of the following ways, whichever is appropriate:

Examples of Legal Description in a sentence

  • Document, Legal Description for Fell Out lots, undated, 1 page (typewritten carbon copy).

  • The Township of Old Bridge does hereby accept 0.0510 acres of property located within the Lowe's Shopping Center in the Township of Old Bridge and known as Block 6302, Lot 7 more fully described in the document known as "Legal Description of a Portion of Tax Map Lot 7, Block 6302 Dedicated to the Township of Old Bridge, Middlesex County, New Jersey" The conveyance of the property shall be made by deed in a form approved by the Township Attorney.

  • Legal Description: Submit one (1) copy.One a piece of white, legal-size 8½” x 14” paper, type the legal description of the subject property and attach it to the application.

  • The Legal Description based on the above noted plan(s), including the PIN printouts for all applicable lands.

  • County: Howard UTM Coordinates: X= 512652/ Y= 4339922 12- DIGIT HUC: 10300102-0104 Legal Description: Land Grant #02456 EDU*: Ozark/Moreau/Loutre Ecoregion: Western Corn Belt Plains * - Ecological Drainage Unit 2.

More Definitions of Legal Description

Legal Description means the location of land as deter- mined by U.S. government survey plat by township, range, sec- tion and quarter quarter section, fractional lot or government lot.
Legal Description means a narrative which describes by metes and bounds, a definite boundary of an area of land that can be mapped on a tax code area map, and shall include:
Legal Description means the description of the Site which is attached hereto as Attachment No. 1 and incorporated herein.
Legal Description means the section, township, range, and county where a cost- share conservation practice is located.
Legal Description means that certain legal description of the Site which comprise the Site which are attached hereto as Attachment No. 2 and incorporated herein by this reference.
Legal Description. Below is a partial legal description, the full Legal will be provided at closing 014- 05670-00 Lafontaines O L 14 Lot A .125 a 10. FUTHER CONDITIONS THIS AUCTION IS BEING RECORDED - BIDDING PROCEDURE BUYER'S ARE TO FOLLOW WITH NO WAIVER DATE: April 21, 2020 SELLERS: Huntington University LOCATION: 000 Xxxxxx Xx., & 858 Oak St., Huntington LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Below is a partial legal description, the full Legal will be provided at closing. 000-00000-00 Lafontaines O L 14 Lot A .125 a --- BIDDERS PACKET: All bidders must have registered for the auction and received a Bidder’s Packet which includes all documents that the buyer will be signing.