Claims Sample Clauses

Claims. If a claim for indemnification or advancement of expenses under this Article 6 is not paid in full within 30 days after a written claim therefor by the Covered Person has been received by the Corporation, the Covered Person may file suit to recover the unpaid amount of such claim and, if successful in whole or in part, shall be entitled to be paid the expense of prosecuting such claim. In any such action the Corporation shall have the burden of proving that the Covered Person is not entitled to the requested indemnification or advancement of expenses under applicable law.
Claims. Released, waived or cancelled any claims or rights relating to or affecting the Acquiror Company in excess of US $10,000 in the aggregate or instituted or settled any Proceeding involving in excess of US $10,000 in the aggregate;
Claims. If a Party entitled to indemnification hereunder (the "Indemnified Party") becomes aware of any matter it believes is indemnifiable hereunder involving any claim, action, suit, investigation, arbitration or other proceeding against the Indemnified Party by any third party (each an "Action"), the Indemnified Party will give the other Party (the "Indemnifying Party") prompt written notice of such Action. Such notice will (i) provide the basis on which indemnification is being asserted and (ii) be accompanied by copies of all relevant pleadings, demands, and other papers related to the Action and in the possession of the Indemnified Party. The Indemnifying Party will have a period of ten (10) days after delivery of such notice to respond. If the Indemnifying Party elects to defend the Action or does not respond within the requisite ten (10) day period, the Indemnifying Party will be obligated to defend the Action, at its own expense, and by counsel reasonably satisfactory to the Indemnified Party. The Indemnified Party will cooperate, at the expense of the Indemnifying Party, with the Indemnifying Party and its counsel in the defense and the Indemnified Party will have the right to participate fully, at its own expense, in the defense of such Action. If the Indemnifying Party responds within the required ten (10) day period and elects not to defend such Action, the Indemnified Party will be free, without prejudice to any of the Indemnified Party's rights hereunder, to compromise or defend (and control the defense of) such Action. In such case, the Indemnifying Party will cooperate, at its own expense, with the Indemnified Party and its counsel in the defense against such Action and the Indemnifying Party will have the right to participate fully, at its own expense, in the defense of such Action. Any compromise or settlement of an Action will require the prior written consent of both Parties hereunder, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed.
Claims. You must tell Us as soon as possible of any incident or circumstance which may result in a claim under any insurance arranged by Us and of all relevant facts relating to it. Failure to do so may result in the insurer not paying the claim. This is in addition to any obligations imposed by insurers, details of which will be set out in the policy wording. We will notify insurers in accordance with the circumstances notified by You. You will be required to give all necessary information and assistance required by insurers in order to deal with Your claim. In some circumstances, claims will be dealt with directly by Your insurer or by someone appointed by them. We will let You know if that is the case.
Claims. Except in the ordinary course of business consistent with past practice, settle any claim, action or proceeding, except for any claim, action or proceeding which does not involve precedent for other material claims, actions or proceedings and which involve solely money damages in an amount, individually or in the aggregate for all such settlements, that is not material to SFG and its Subsidiaries, taken as a whole.
Claims. Claims covered under this Agreement include only death claims, which are those due to the death of the insured on a policy reinsured under this Agreement, and any additional benefits specified in Exhibit B, which are provided by the underlying policy and are reinsured under this Agreement.
Claims. Long Term Disability claims will be adjudicated and paid by a Plan carrier to be appointed by the Employer. In the event a covered employee disputes the decision of the claims-paying agent regarding a claim for benefits under this Plan, the employee may arrange to have his/her claim reviewed by a mutually acceptable external committee. Written notice of a disputed claim or an appeal under this Plan shall be sent to the Plan carrier. Written notice of an appeal must be submitted within six (6) months from the date the Plan carrier rejected the claim. Where an employee has disputed the decision of the Plan carrier and is awaiting the outcome of a review or an appeal, the employee will be considered to be on leave of absence without pay during the portion of the waiting period when he/she is not receiving pay or benefit allowance. During the waiting period an employee will continue to be covered by group life, extended health, dental and medical plans.