Guests Sample Clauses

Guests. There shall be no other persons living on the Premises other than the Tenant and any Occupant(s). Guests of the Tenant are allowed for periods not lasting for more than 48 hours unless otherwise approved by the Landlord in writing.
Guests. Resident is responsible for the safety, negligence, and actions of Resident’s guest(s), invitee(s), family, and licensee(s). Resident must accompany and supervise Resident’s guest(s) at all times in the Premises, Amenities, and Community because any violation of this Lease Contract by Resident’s guest(s) shall be considered a violation by the Resident. Owner has the right to exclude guests or others who, in Owner’s sole judgment, have been in violation of the law, the Lease Contract or any rules of the Community, or disturbing other residents, neighbors, visitors or Owner’s representatives. Owner can also exclude a person who refuses to or cannot identify himself or herself as your guest. Guest(s) are not allowed to spend more than three (3) consecutive nights or more than six (6) nights in any one month in the Premises. Resident agrees that Resident and Roommates shall not have more than ten (10) persons in the Premises and Unit at any one time. Resident further agrees that there shall be no more than five (5) persons on balconies, decks or patios at any one time. Balconies and decks were not designed to support excessive loads for prolonged periods.
Guests. There shall be no other persons living on the Premises other than the Tenant(s) and any Occupant(s). Guests of the Tenant(s) are allowed for periods not lasting for more than 4 hours unless otherwise approved by the Landlord. SMOKING POLICY: Smoking on the Premises is: (check one) ☐ - Permitted ONLY in the following areas: ☐ - Prohibited on the Premises and Common Areas.
Guests. The Sublessee is not permitted to have anyone other than themselves live in the Premises for the lease term. Guests cannot stay any longer than two (2) days at a time unless approved by the Sublessor.
Guests. 9.10.1 General Policies (applicable to all residential areas and facilities): Anyone not assigned to the specific room/suite/apartment/house is considered a guest. All guests must be escorted through the building by the Resident host. Resident hosts are responsible for the actions their guest. Resident hosts are expected to take reasonable action to prevent guests from violating University policies. Resident hosts may be held accountable for behaviors and/or damages caused by the Residents’ guests. Residents should consult with the roommates/suitemates/apartmentmates/housemates when inviting guests. Residents must strictly respect the privacy of all fellow residents and fellow residents’ right to normal use of their assigned facilities. Guests must be able to identify whom they are visiting, provide a picture ID upon request, and shall be accompanied by their resident host at all times. University staff members may require guests to leave the premises, as well as deny any residential student the privilege of hosting guests. During special events/periods of time, the University may further limit the number of guests allowed in on-campus housing and may impose additional limitations or require additional passes. Guests are prohibited from bringing alcohol into any on-campus housing.
Guests. The Cotenants agree that no Cotenant may have more than overnight guests at a time. In all cases, the Cotenant with a guest who will stay overnight shall notify all the other Cotenants beforehand. Moreover, no guest shall be allowed to stay more than consecutive nights nor shall any Cotenant have overnight guests more than nights in any given month.
Guests. There shall be no other person(s) living on the Property other than the Sublessee. Guests of the Sublessee are allowed for periods not lasting for more than days unless otherwise approved by the Sublessor.
Guests. 1. I understand that only I and my assigned Roommate may reside in my Room, apartment or cluster.
Guests. Guests of Residents must abide by the same rules and regulations as outlined in the Student Residence Handbook, Residence Code of Conduct and Humber/University of Guelph-Humber Student Code of Conduct. Residents are responsible and liable for the actions of their guest(s) and for any damage caused by their guest(s).
Guests. Overnight guests are discouraged but may stay with the explicit consent of the Landlord and roommates. Extended or excessive number of stays is not permitted. A guest fee may be charged. Guests must be the same gender as the other residents and must abide by the BYU-Idaho Honor Code and Apartment Living Standards.