Active Ingredient Sample Clauses

Active Ingredient. Active Ingredient" shall be the one specified for each of the Products in Exhibit A.
Active Ingredient. The Active Ingredient, at the time of sale and shipment to Generex by SAD, (a) will conform to the Specifications, as then in effect, (b) will have dating until re-evaluation of not less than that which is set forth in Section 8.4 above, (c) will have been manufactured in all material respects in accordance with cGMP in effect at the time of manufacture, (d) will not be adulterated or mis-branded within the meaning of the FDCA, (e) will not have been manufactured, sold or shipped in violation of any applicable laws in any material respect, (f) will be conveyed with good title, free and clear of all security interests, liens or encumbrances, and (g) as may be appropriate or applicable, will have been approved by any and all requisite governmental and regulatory authorities.
Active Ingredient. 3.1 Acraf undertakes to sell to TH an amount of Kg 22 (twenty-two] of Active Ingredient manufactured on [***] – with an expiry date on [***]—suitable for use in TH Products as better described in the analytical document to be delivered as provided in the following Art.3.2 (hereinafter referred to as “Amount”).
Active Ingredient. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, LTS’ obligations to supply Patches hereunder is subject to and conditioned upon NeurogesX making available to LTS appropriate quantities of the Active Ingredient. Accordingly, NeurogesX shall provide LTS with the amounts of the Active Ingredient that LTS reasonably (on the basis of the then current First Forecast or Rolling Forecast) notifies NeurogesX (with a lead time of at least [***] months) that LTS will require to fulfill its supply obligations hereunder. LTS shall be responsible for conducting only identity testing of the Active Ingredient. LTS shall use all quantities of Active Ingredient provided hereunder for the [***] purpose of producing Patches ordered by NeurogesX hereunder.
Active Ingredient. That certain supply agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim Chemicals, Inc. set forth on Schedule 2.3 shall have been amended in a manner that is reasonably satisfactory to Purchaser, provided, however that if such amendment is not so amended, then such agreement shall not be assigned hereunder and the Supply Agreement shall be amended to reflect that Seller shall be responsible for providing Purchaser with the materials that are currently provided to Seller pursuant to the supply agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim Chemicals, Inc.
Active Ingredient. SPECIFICATIONS Active Ingredient Specifications shall mean the specifications therefor, as described in EXHIBIT 1.
Active Ingredient. Proanthocynadin Oligomer which is a standardized botanical extract of the Croton lechleri. The guaranteed minimum of the active in the Botanical Extract will be greater than 60% Quality Specs and method of analysis: The testing of the BE can be done using a HPLC method. IT can be carried out by a trusted independent laboratory like Chromadex based in Irvine, California. Jaguar Animal can facilitate the introduction to them or the Company is free to use any other company of its choice.
Active Ingredient. Active Ingredient shall mean [CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT REQUESTED].
Active Ingredient. The suggestion is that of updating the epSOSActive Ingredient value set (currently based on ATC) with the XEVMPD substance vocabulary.