Future Periods Sample Clauses

Future Periods. Newco shall pay, on a timely basis, all Taxes attributable to the Newco Group that are imposed for any period beginning on or after the Effective Time (and, to the extent not already included in this sentence, all Taxes attributable to the Newco Group that are imposed for the portion of the taxable year 1998 following the Effective Time), and shall indemnify and hold harmless UWS and any member of the UWS Group from and against all such Taxes.
Future Periods. For future periods not covered by the above requirements, the thresholds shall be set by PFG in consultation with Borrower based on its then-current Plan, but in no event (for each measurement period) less than the immediately prior measurement period. For instance, the minimum EBITDA threshold for January 2019 would be as set, but in no event less than $32,500,000, and for March 2019 (for Revenues) would be as set but in no event less than $2,000,000.
Future Periods. For periods prior to the Maturity Date not addressed by the covenant thresholds set forth above, PFG will set thresholds substantially consistently with the Senior Lender. If at any time there is no Senior Lender or a senior lender other than Silicon Valley Bank, PFG shall set thresholds of like tenor based on Borrower’s Plan for periods for which covenant thresholds have not then been set.
Future Periods. For periods beginning after the Effective Date, all Tax Returns of the SDS Group shall be filed by SDS or the appropriate member of the SDS Group, and SDS and such SDS Group Member shall be responsible and retain liability in all respects for all such Tax
Future Periods. The Executive, at his discretion, may waive future increases in his Base Salary with respect to periods from and after October 1, 2006, and may waive all or a portion of the Annual Bonus with respect to fiscal years ending on and after March 31, 2006, at such time(s), and in such manner(s), as are acceptable to the parties hereto (the aggregate amount of Base Salary and/or Annual Bonus, if any, that the Executive may waive in the future (such amount to be determined through the Date of Termination) is hereinafter referred to as the "Future Waived Amount"). In the event the Executive does not waive the increase in his Base Salary that would otherwise be made as of October 1, 2006, the Executive's Annual Base Salary Rate for the periods beginning on and after October 1, 2006 shall be the amount that would have been payable to the Executive pursuant to Section 1(b)(ii) of the Employment Agreement, disregarding, for this purpose, this Waiver.
Future Periods. Section 5(c) of the Schedule (Future Periods) is deleted, with all other provisions of Section 5 not superseded in clauses (a) through (c) of this Modification Section 3 remaining in full force and effect.
Future Periods. 4 (c) Separate Return Periods................................. 4 (d) Zero Consolidated Returns............................... 4 2.2
Future Periods. For periods not addressed by the covenant thresholds set forth above, NBE will set thresholds in its good faith business discretion after consultation with Borrower.