Finalization Sample Clauses

Finalization. A Guardian Angel Adoptions, LLC representative will attend the adoption finalization hearing in court to provide necessary agency documentation as well as family support for those adoptions finalized in the State of Utah and for which post-placement evaluations are done by the A Guardian Angel Adoptions, LLC staff. Out of state adoptive families may finalize the adoption in the Utah court district where the child was born, or where the agency is located, or in their state of residence. If the finalization is performed in a state other than Utah, A Guardian Angel Adoptions, LLC will provide a Consent of Adoption to the attorney of the adoptive family’s choice following the receipt of three post placement visits that show the child is thriving in its home environment and bonding to the family.
Finalization. If a Notice of Quarterly Revenue Disagreement is received by Parent in a timely manner, then the Quarterly Revenue Statement (as revised in accordance with Section 2.5(f), if applicable) shall become final and binding on Parent, the StockholdersAgent and the Securityholders on the earlier of (A) the date upon which the Stockholders’ Agent and Parent agree in writing with respect to all matters specified in the Notice of Quarterly Revenue Disagreement and (B) the date upon which the final Revenue for the period subject to such Quarterly Revenue Statement is finally determined by the Arbitrator in accordance with Section 2.5(f).
Finalization. The parties agree that the precise language of the escrow instructions and choice of an escrow holder for deposit of the source code and other materials shall be finalized not later than sixty (60) days following the effective date hereof.
Finalization. Other general terms of apprenticeship shall be finalized by the Technical Training Sub Committee
Finalization. (1) State Fund will review and evaluate claims for settlement, complete a "Proposed Finalization for State Cases" form, and submit the form to the RTWC with supporting documentation as requested by the Department. State Fund shall not enter into a Stipulation with Request for Award (Stip) or Compromise and Release (C&R) on a claim without obtaining prior approval from the RTWC or other appropriate Department Representative, unless the settlement falls within pre- authorized settlement authority established pursuant to Sections E(3) through E(5) below. If the settlement falls within Sections E(4) through E(5), State Fund will not be required to submit a "Proposed Finalization for State Cases" form with supporting documentation unless the pre-authorization for settlement authority contains this requirement.
Finalization. 1. Fifty percent (50%) of each evaluation being based upon teacher performance and fifty percent (50%) on student growth as set forth herein;
Finalization i. A request for authority will be sent to the JBWCP Member thirty (30) Days after receipt of the final permanent and stationary report on non-litigated cases.
Finalization. 4 (1) Final documentation will be produced on acid-free, 100-year 5 archival paper, with the photographs and drawings on archival CDs.
Finalization. In the event that Schering elects to exercise the Option, Schering and CIMA shall use good faith efforts to finalize the License Agreement and enter into such License Agreement. The License Agreement shall include the Basic License Terms and include such other terms and conditions, consistent with the Basic License Terms as are reasonable and customary in the industry for such agreements.