Staffing Requirements Sample Clauses

Staffing Requirements. Selected Provider shall provide on-site personnel at the ACC during normal ACC business hours and during all event hours when equipment is in use. Selected Provider shall employ persons qualified to provide and supervise the services required under this Proposal and agrees to employ a full time on-site Manager with responsibility and accountability for the day-to-day operations and designate another qualified on-site employee as a back-up. The Manager shall be vested with full power and authority to act for the Selected Provider in matters relating to the audio-visual or rigging operation. These employees shall have no duties other than those related to the Services provided pursuant to this Proposal. ACC shall have the right to approve the persons selected by Selected Provider as the on-site Manager and their back up. Neither employee shall be replaced without ACC’s prior approval, which shall not be unreasonably withheld. In the event the ACC determines that the performance of either employee is unsatisfactory, and the causes and reasons for such determination are duly reported to the Selected Provider in writing, Selected Provider shall, within thirty
Staffing Requirements. In all cases, consideration having been given to the requirements of the working force, vacation shall be allocated in accordance with the Employee's request. In the event of conflicting requests, job classification seniority within the department by clinic/location shall govern. Leads shall be included in their respective job classification by seniority for vacation requests with the understanding that the clinic/location can limit the number of leads off at one time. Pharmacy is granted by job classification within the system. Employees shall not be required to use vacation at the same time as the primary physician or dentist with whom they work in order to maintain team-based care.
Staffing Requirements. (i) Sufficient staff must be on duty between the hours of 8.30am to 4.30pm or 9.00am to 5.00pm, and service must be maintained at a satisfactory level during these hours. This is particularly applicable on Fridays and days preceding or following long weekends.
Staffing Requirements. [This section should contain the staffing requirements, skill sets, and work locations for work contemplated under this SOW. Examples are as follows:] o Number of personnel o Skill Sets/Job Requirements o Work Environment/Location Staffing Requirements Job Job Description / Skill Set Rate of Pay Duration Work Classification of Effort Location
Staffing Requirements. StarTek agrees to maintain the following staffing ratios: [**] StarTek agrees that all managers shall be full-time StarTek employees. Subject to Section 21.1, StarTek will ensure that each person assigned to a function has the necessary functional and T-Mobile-related training to successfully perform the function. StarTek must provide specific agent information up to what the law allows. Information required includes agent name, agent ID, start date on T-Mobile line of business, assessment scores, termination date from T-Mobile line of business, quality average.
Staffing Requirements. Staffing ratios shall be consistent with the requirements in California Code of Regulations, title 9, section 1840.350, for day treatment intensive, and California Code of Regulations section 1840.352 for day rehabilitation. For day treatment intensive, staff shall include at least one staff person whose scope of practice includes psychotherapy.