Feasibility Sample Clauses

Feasibility. The Court must find that confirmation of the Plan is not likely to be followed by the liquidation, or the need for further financial reorganization, of the Debtor or any successor to the Debtor, unless such liquidation or reorganization is proposed in the Plan.
Feasibility. Prior to the Commencement Date of this Lease, Lessee shall have access to the Leased Premises with no less than 1 business days prior notice to Lessor and at such times as Lessor agrees for the purposes of undertaking necessary tests, studies, and inspections relating to Lessee’s proposed use of the Leased Premises. In the event such tests studies, and inspections indicate that Lessee is unable to utilize the Leased Premises for the purpose stated herein, then Lessee may terminate this Lease by giving Lessor ten (10) days’ prior notice of termination, in which case Lessee shall restore the Leased Premises and any other portions of the Site that have been damaged, modified or altered by or on behalf of Lessee to their original condition.
Feasibility. (a) During the fifteen (15) business day period following the latest of the dates on which Purchaser and Seller have both executed this Agreement (the "Feasibility Period"), Purchaser, its agents, employees and contractors shall have the right to enter the Property for the purpose of inspecting improvements, making surveys, updating the due diligence materials previously delivered to Purchaser pursuant to 6(b) below, and performing other tests, studies and examinations as Purchaser, in its sole discretion, desires and to confirm the availability of financing, on terms and conditions acceptable to Purchaser. If Purchaser is not satisfied, in its sole discretion, with all aspects of the Property and the results of all tests and studies, and the availability of the specified financing, Purchaser shall have the right, upon written notice to Seller given prior to expiration of the Feasibility Period, to terminate this Agreement, in which event the Deposit shall be returned to Purchaser.
Feasibility. The proposed work should be temporary in nature, tech- nically feasible, designed to deal effec- tively and efficiently with the specific threat, and capable of construction in time to prevent anticipated damages.