Evaluation of Teaching Sample Clauses

Evaluation of Teaching. 1. All reports on a teacher shall be in writing.
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Evaluation of Teaching. For teaching faculty, the evaluation shall include an appraisal of student learning including achievement of learning for at least one course in each semester (including achievement of learning objectives), colleague assessment and, for each course taught, student ratings. Evaluations of teaching effectiveness shall not rely solely upon student ratings.
Evaluation of Teaching. 23.1 Teacher supervision and evaluation processes will be consistent with the Summative Evaluation Process as described in "A Guide For Supervision and Evaluation in School District No. 57 (Prince Xxxxxx) Revised: 1990" for the life of the agreement or a shorter period upon mutual agreement.
Evaluation of Teaching. 1. The Board and the Teachers’ Union agree that teachers, school-based administrators and district administrators will be involved as supervisors in an on-going, effective and positive process of supervision leading to the improvement of instruction in the district. Teachers possess skills and understanding which would make them effective supervisors for their colleagues. Recognizing that self-motivation is the key, the main goals of supervision are the improvement of instruction through self-direction, self-analysis, and the enhancement of a supportive educational environment. When colleagues enter into a process of supervision a relationship of mutual trust should exist. The district will work toward the implementation of Clinical Supervision as the model of Supervision of Instruction to be used in the schools. Schools, with district support, will be encouraged to develop in-service programs that will provide the staff members with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand and practice Clinical Supervision. To enhance their supervisory skills teachers will receive appropriate professional development and become available as supervisors. Representatives of the Board and the Professional Development Committee of the Union will continue discussions to develop further and add to established criteria (personnel and process) in the Clinical Supervision Model.
Evaluation of Teaching. 1. The purpose of evaluation is to assess teacher competence and reinforce quality education.
Evaluation of Teaching. For the term of the Agreement, evaluation may be undertaken for those teachers:
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Evaluation of Teaching. Documentation of teaching performance includes the following:
Evaluation of Teaching. 1. The Association and Board encourage teachers and administrators to develop a variety of positive and effective strategies for maintaining a high level of instruction and supervision. We believe that students are best served when a high quality of classroom instruction and teaching performance is provided and maintained, and when positive encouragement of and adequate assistance for teaching performance is provided. To this end it is agreed that there shall be a system of formal information collection and evaluation and developed plans of assistance when required as provided for in this article.
Evaluation of Teaching. 1. The Superintendent of Schools may at some time in the school year, formally evaluate or cause to be evaluated by a person authorized in that behalf by regulation, the work of
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