Clinical supervision definition

Clinical supervision means direction or oversight provided either face to face or by videoconference or telephone by an individual qualified to evaluate, guide, and direct all behavioral health services provided by a licensee to assist the licensee to develop and improve the necessary knowledge, skills, techniques, and abilities to allow the licensee to engage in the practice of behavioral health ethically, safely, and competently.

Examples of Clinical supervision in a sentence

  • Child Protection/ Safeguarding SupervisionEffective Clinical Supervision with regard to Child Protection and Safeguarding Children is essential to promote and ensure standards of practice which are consistently high and support staff to make safe decisions.

  • Direct Clinical Supervision shall mean under the direct control of a clinical instructor of the respiratory care education program in which the unlicensed student is enrolled, or his designee.

  • Members providing or receiving clinical or work supervision shall participate meaningfully in such a way as to promote the purpose and effectiveness of Clinical Supervision.

  • A Member who is providing Clinical Supervision must be competent in the area of practice/ modality they have agreed to supervise.

  • Figure 7: Brief description of Educational and Clinical Supervision e.

More Definitions of Clinical supervision

Clinical supervision means a Clinical Supervisor under 9 A.A.C. 20, Article 2 reviews the skills and knowledge of the individual supervised and provides guidance in improving or developing the skills and knowledge.
Clinical supervision means the overall responsibility of the mental health professional for the control and direction of individualized treatment planning, service delivery, and treatment review for each client. A mental health professional who is an enrolled Minnesota health care program provider accepts full professional responsibility for a supervisee's actions and decisions, instructs the supervisee in the supervisee's work, and oversees or directs the supervisee's work.
Clinical supervision means an interactional professional relationship between a supervisor and a social worker that provides evaluation and direction over the supervisee’s practice of clinical social work and promotes continued development of the social worker’s knowledge, skills, and abilities to engage in the practice of clinical social work in an ethical and competent manner;
Clinical supervision means a formal and discipline specific working alliance in which the supervisee's clinical (direct service) work is reviewed and reflected upon, by a senior level practitioner with the purpose of supporting the supervisee in relation to their work and professional development.