Established Sample Clauses

Established. The Job Order Contractor and the City acknowledge that in the event that the Job Order Contractor fails to achieve Substantial Completion or Final Completion of the Project by the dates established therefore in the applicable Job Order Schedule, as adjusted, the City will incur substantial damages and the extent of such damages shall be incapable of accurate measurement. Nonetheless, the Parties acknowledge that on the date of this Contract, the amount of liquidated damages set forth below represents a good faith estimate as to the actual potential damages that the City would incur as a result of late Substantial Completion or Final Completion of the Job Order. Such liquidated damages shall be the sole and exclusive remedy of the City for late completion of the Job Order, and the City hereby waives all other remedies available at law or in equity with respect to losses resulting from late completion. The amount of the liquidated damages calculated hereunder does not include any penalty.
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Established in accordance with Section 7.H.1(a)(1) by Exchange of Floriston Rate Water in storage, it shall revert to its classification prior to the Exchange. If Newlands Project Credit Water is Established in accordance with more than one of the subsections of Section 7.H.1, it shall be reclassified sequentially beginning with subsection(a) of this Section 7.H.6, provided that no more water shall be reclassified under a particularsubsection than was originally used to Establish Newlands Project Credit Water under that subsection.APPENDIX 7.A‌‌22 20 18 16 14 12
Established pest animal or weed has self-sustaining populations in Australia and is not considered eradicable. It may be distributed widely across Australia or only regionally. A regionally distributed established pest animal or weed may be the subject of containment measures to mitigate further spread.