Initial Members definition

Initial Members means those Persons listed on Schedule A hereto as Initial Members as of the date hereof.
Initial Members means those Persons whose names are set forth in the first sentence of this Agreement. A reference to an “Initial Member” means any of the Initial Members.
Initial Members means the Person or Persons identified in the Series Designation of any Series as the Initial Member[s] associated therewith.

Examples of Initial Members in a sentence

  • The Initial Members shall be the Initial Signatories whose participation in the Authority is approved by its registered electors at the November 8TH 2016 election as described in Section 2.05 herein.

  • If a Ballot Question regarding the establishment of the Authority fails within the jurisdictional boundaries of one or more of the Initial Signatories, the Governing Body of an Initial Member where a Ballot Question has passed may, subsequent to the initial Election adopt a resolution or ordinance, and deliver written notice to all the other Initial Members, stating that such Initial Member has withdrawn from the Authority.

More Definitions of Initial Members

Initial Members has the meaning set forth in the recitals to this Agreement.
Initial Members means the holders of the Pre-Initial Offering Interests (with respect to the Common Units and Subordinated Units received by them pursuant to Section 5.1) and the Underwriters upon the issuance by the Company of Common Units to the Underwriters as described in Section 5.2 in connection with the Initial Offering.
Initial Members means the Members, as of the Effective Date.
Initial Members means the Initial Signatories who become Members on the date on which the Authority is originally established pursuant to Section 2.05 herein.
Initial Members. Those non-managing Investor Members who have executed this Agreement and whose Contributions were raised and accepted under this Offering prior to the Final Closing of this Offering.