Establishment of Committee Sample Clauses

Establishment of Committee. The Province may, at its sole discretion, require the establishment of a committee to oversee the Agreement (the “Committee”).
Establishment of Committee. A Labour Management Committee shall be established consisting of three (3) or up to four (4) representatives of the Union and the same number representing the Employer. The Committee shall enjoy the full support of both parties in the interests of improved service to the public, and job security for the employees.
Establishment of Committee. At least six (6) months prior to the estimated Initial Synchronization Date, Generator and Georgia Power shall each appoint one representative and one alternate to the Georgia Power - Generator Operating Committee ("Committee"). Each Party shall notify the other party of its appointment in writing. Such appointments may be changed at any time by similar notice. The Committee shall meet as necessary, but not less than once each calendar year, to carry out the duties set forth herein. The Committee shall hold a meeting at the request of either Party, at a time and place agreed upon by the representatives. Each representative and alternate shall be a responsible person working in the day-to-day operations of their respective electrical facilities. The Committee shall represent the Parties in all matters arising under this Agreement which may be delegated to it by mutual agreement of the Parties.
Establishment of Committee. There is hereby established a cooperative CDBG Committee, consisting of two (2) representatives from each participating Municipality and two (2) representatives of the County, each to be appointed for one year periods coinciding with the calendar year. The governing body and the chief executive of each participating agency shall make one (1) appointment each.
Establishment of Committee. The PTOs shall form a PTO Administrative Committee (“PTO AC”) which shall meet periodically (1) to consider recommendations to the ISO regarding actions, policies and rules of the ISO affecting the PTOs’ Transmission Facilities; (2) to consider and vote upon proposed amendments to this Agreement; (3) to consult with the ISO as may be provided for under this Agreement; and (4) to consider any other matters relating to the administration of this Agreement by the PTOs. The PTO AC shall be organized in the manner described in Schedule 11.04.
Establishment of Committee. A Joint Consultation Committee shall be established to discuss matters of interest to both Parties. This committee shall consist of up to four (4) representatives as determined by the Union and up to four (4) representatives of the District selected by the Chief Administrative Officer.