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DESK. A separate desk for each teacher in the district with lockable drawer space.
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DESK. Every effort shall be made to provide each employee a desk in an accessible work area.
DESK. E.piphany allows for unlimited calls to its technical support desk by the HSNS personnel designated under Section 5.7 ("HSNS Responsibilities.") The technical support desk hours of operation are from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
DESK. Desk is the main working area of Blaze users. Each desk contains related stories. For example all Business related stories will put in Business Desk or all sports related stories will put in Sports desk. Master desk is the default desk which lists all stories from all the desk. Create Desk: • Click on New button • Enter Lower Interval. Which denotes how many days old stories needs to be displayed in new desk. If nothing is specified then only that days stories will be listed. • Enter Upper Interval. Which denotes how many future days stories needs to be displayed in new desk. If nothing is specified then only that days stories will be listed. • Select Parent desk under which new desk to be listed. If None is selected then desk will be considered Parent desk. • Select the default story format for the desk. This will reduce the step of selecting a story format while creating a story in that desk. • Check Mark as breaking if this desk needs a shortcut in menubar. TIP You can mark only one desk as breaking. User can set his breaking desk in user preference settings Edit Desk: • Select the Desk to be edited • Edit the required fieldsClick Save Button Delete Story Format: • Select the desk to be deleted • Click on delete button • On confirmation selected desk will be deleted. TIP All stories will be deleted when you delete a desk. Make sure required stories are not present in deleting desk
DESK. Every effort shall be made to provide each teacher a desk in an accessible work area.
DESK. PMs will work weekly (3 hours per week) at the Village Desk [located in Norse Commons and serving Norse and Woodcrest Apartments]. During that time, the PM is responsible for logging packages and retrieving packages for students. The expectations for behavior while working the desk are below.  No personal phone calls to be made on the business lineCell phone use is prohibited while working the desk.  PMs cannot leave the desk during assigned hours without finding coverage (no using the laundry rooms, attending student meetings, running errands, doing room inspections, or otherwise leaving the desk area). Bathroom breaks are permitted.  If a PM finds someone to cover his/her shift, s/he must be able to work all of the agreed upon time (i.e. if s/he has agreed to work from 8-10, but would have to leave the desk at 9:30 for class, s/he could not cover that shift for you). PMs are to only have other PMs or Mail Managers cover their shifts. RAs are not permitted to work any mail shifts. Any required paperwork related to shift switches should be completed prior to the switch and within the expectations of the respective Hall Director.  Non-staff persons are not to be behind the desk at ANY time.  No sleeping at the desk.  There should be no use of “back in 5 minute” signs or others that are similar. Exceptions can be made for check-ins, check- outs, bathroom visits, and any errands that a professional staff member asks to be done.  Food trips to Norse Commons and the Xxxxxxxx Bistro cafeteria during your assigned shifts (for all areas) are at the discretion of the respective Hall Director.  PMs must be properly attired (no pajamas) and ready to assist with resident needs at any time.  There may be additional mail expectations determined by a Hall Director that PMs are responsible for upholding  While working the desk, PMs should remember they are a representative of University Housing and should act in a way that is both positive and professional. – also see Attitude for definitions ofprofessional demeanor’  All desk staff should report, in writing to their supervisor, any missed shifts or violations of expectations.

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