Required Materials Sample Clauses

Required Materials. The Fund and/or the Underwriter shall make available the following “Required Materials,” as specified in paragraph (b)(I) of Rule 30e-3 and paragraph (j)(l)(iii) of Rule 498A:
Required Materials. The faculty member being evaluated must submit the following materials in the evaluation portfolio: Professional goalsoutline of five-year goals and objectives Self evaluation: • Professional strengths and weaknessesProfessional development activities • Service to the College Student evaluations: • A mutually agreed upon evaluation instrument between the xxxx and faculty member from a minimum of two sections per academic year between evaluations Evidence of curriculum planning Optional Materials Additional materials submitted by the faculty member for evaluation may include, but are not limited to, the following items: • Peer observationsNarrative of classroom visitation experience • Narrative of professional working relationshipClassroom teaching videoCourse materials Syllabi Assignments Tests Other • Service to the community Interim Evaluation A formal interim evaluation will be conducted for a faculty member who has received an unsatisfactory evaluation or for whom documented, systematic, extensive concerns have been expressed by students, colleagues, and/or the division xxxx. A review committee will be formed by March 1 to assist the faculty member in addressing the concerns mentioned above. The committee will consist of four members:
Required Materials. CHECKLIST Certain materials as listed in the SaaS agreement are required in order to complete a dealer portal in a timely fashion, as is outlined in section 5(b) of the agreement. These materials include: • Desired Domain Name (e.g. for front-end, optional for administration back-end) • High-Resolution Company Logo(s), at least 1500*1500px, ideally PNG or PSD format. • Brand colour scheme, ideally with HEX or RGB colour codes. • Preferred layout choice from our library (or a quick sketch and we will choose one for you) • Desired pricing scheme for advertised plans (given that we have thousands of plans cumulatively between wired, wireless & international services, you are able to stagger the introduction of service plans offered to you by Hayai/ISPWN). • Any other image stock intended for placement on the website (including banners, icons, graphics, photos etc), ideally in PNG or PSD format, or a raw format which can be converted to PNG without loss, or a high-quality JPG (at least 3x the resolution of the final image, e.g. 3000*1500px for a 1000*500px image). • Website text (whether rough draft or final) in English and any other languages desired. Text in English and some other languages will be proof-read by our team to the best of our ability, however, all text MUST be checked and signed off prior to publication. • Desired SEO keywords (optional – these can be auto-generated using website content) • SSL Certificate (optional – server SSL certificates are provided by default courtesy of Let’s Encrypt and SSL certificates are provided automatically courtesy of CloudFlare) • Where applicable: Technical specifications of any devices being procured (to ensure compatibility with networks in Reseller’s market), in particular, Frequency (MHz or Band), type (FDD/TDD), generation (CDMA1x, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE etc) By signing below, the Parties agree to comply with all of the requirements contained in this Exhibit A. RESELLER RESELLER: Signature: Name: Title: Dated: COMPANY Hayai Ltd By: Name: Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Title: Chairman, Director, COO & CIO EXHIBIT B PAYMENT INSTALLMENT SCHEDULE Pertinent to written confirmation, the company has hereby agreed to offer the Reseller a payment schedule outside of standard payment parameters. The parameters agreed to for the purpose of this exhibit are as follows: Total Amount: US Dollars Payment Period: Months Amount due per billing cycle: per period Period Due Date: Final Due Date: Should any outsourced ...
Required Materials. Seller acknowledges and agrees that, notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth herein, any review, approval, request, or requirement of any Required Material shall mean only that such Required Material is acceptable to SCE solely for SCE’s internal purposes and benefit, and shall not in any way be construed to mean that such Required Material is accurate, suitable for its intended purpose, in compliance with any Applicable Law or other requirement, or endorsed for the benefit of any other party, including Seller. Further, Seller acknowledges and agrees that SCE shall have no liability to Seller or any other third party with respect to any Required Material so reviewed, approved, requested or required by SCE or on SCE’s behalf.
Required Materials. By registering with CRYPTOMERIAN, the User agrees to provide CRYPTOMERIAN with current, accurate, and complete information about him/herself as prompted by the registration process, and to keep such information updated.
Required Materials. Each teacher shall be provided with paper, pencils, pens, dry erase markers, erasers, and other such material required in daily teaching responsibility.
Required Materials. Students are required to bring a pen, pencil, notebook, paper, and their chromebook/laptop to Homeroom daily. All items are needed to complete the expectations as outlined.
Required Materials. 1. One (1) copy of a site plan of the property in compliance with the rules 2. Letter of authorization from property owner if the proposed expansion is located in a common area or on an adjacent property. 3. A detailed written description of how the business or use will operate on the property and in the adjacent right of way if necessary.
Required Materials. Each teacher shall be provided with attendance books, paper, pencils, pens, chalk, erasers, and other such material required in daily teaching responsibility.
Required Materials. 1. One (1) copy of a site plan of the property in compliance with the rules. 2. Written consent and authorization by all owners of the property with frontage along or abutting the portion of the sidewalk or parking lane which is the subject of the application. 3. A detailed written description of how the business or use will operate on sidewalk and parking lane and what goods and services will be offered. 4. Certificate of Insurance requires comprehensive general public liability and property damage insurance with limits, which equal or exceed the maximum liability that may be imposed by virtue of the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act.