Network definition

Network means network facilities and/or network services comprising a system that carries or a series of systems within Malaysia that carries or is capable of carrying communications by means of guided or unguided electromagnetic energy or both which is owned or operated by an Operator.

Examples of Network in a sentence

  • The costs of these upgrades are fully allocated to the Network Customer.

  • Where applicable, incremental charges specified in 5.1 of the Exchange and Network Services Tariff apply.

  • This Proposal is one of five which seek to implement recommendations identified within Ofgem’s conclusion document “Best Practice Guidelines for Gas and Electricity Network Operator Credit Cover” 58/05.

  • The Network Customer has been determined by the Transmission Provider to have a Completed Application for Network Integration Transmission Service under the Tariff.

  • Except to the extent the Card Network Rules or Law permits, you must not charge surcharges or other fees, or Taxes for accepting payment cards.

More Definitions of Network

Network means the participating providers described in the Provider Directory.
Network means all the pipe-lines (as defined by the Gas (Northern Ireland) Order 1996, and shall also include any plant, equipment or apparatus used for, or for any purposes connected with, the conveyance of gas) within the Licensed Area that are owned and/or operated by any licensee, which pipe-lines shall, in the case of conveyance to consumer’s premises and for the purposes of this definition, be deemed to terminate immediately prior to the inlet of the first gas meter at such premises:”
Network means the network of which Network Rail is the network operator and which is situated in England, Wales and Scotland;
Network means the group of participating providers and fa- cilities providing health care services to a particular health plan or line of business (individual, small, or large group). A health plan network for issuers offering more than one health plan may be smaller in number than the total number of participating providers and facili- ties for all plans offered by the carrier.