Deployment Sample Clauses

Deployment. (a) In filling a position vacancy at a location NAV CANADA may proceed by the transfer of an employee at the same level.
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Deployment. The deployment team consists of field engineers and technicians and others who have experience dealing directly with local carriers, preparing sites, and installing equipment. Part of the team will be based at NETSTREAM to coordinate activities and provide support for installers.
Deployment. When a staffing surplus is declared involving a position that is usually occupied by an employee who is on parental leave, then the same University deployment provisions that would apply to other staff members who are part of the same surplus will apply.
Deployment. Deployment of these revisions will be mutually agreed upon between Contractor and City.
Deployment a. During the interim period, the total number of policemen of the Palestinian Police in all its branches in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip will be no more than 30,000 out of which up to 12,000 policemen may be deployed in the West Bank and up to 18,000 policemen in the Gaza Strip. These numbers may be changed by agreement, if necessary. The Palestinian side will notify Israel of the names of the policemen recruited to the Palestinian Police in the Gaza Strip.
Deployment. 1. Employees who accept a fire assignment will have forty-five (45) minutes to report to the facility and be prepared to depart. Failure to report to the facility within the designated timeframe shall result in the assignment being re-assigned to another employee.
Deployment. You may deploy the Software within your legal entity and any of your Affiliates (defined below) provided that: (i) such deployment is made only within the region in which You purchased the Software (see the second paragraph of this XXXX for a description of the applicable regions); and (ii) the Affiliate at which the Software is deployed accepts and agrees to comply with all of the terms of this XXXX. Any attempt to deploy the Software in violation of this section shall be void. An Affiliate, with respect to your legal entity, shall mean another legal entity that controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with, your legal entity. Control for this purpose shall mean 50% or greater voting power.
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Deployment. The assignment of work and the movement of employees at the same level in a location shall be at the discretion of NAV CANADA. However, NAV CANADA may transfer an employee into a location for an assignment to a position at the same or lower level if such action does not create a position vacancy to be staffed under the present Article in the employee’s former location. In the case of transfer, the employee may refuse the assignment. Deployment shall not have a negative impact on employees affected by deferrals in the same unit or specialty.
Deployment. (a) Vendor will take the following steps in preparation for deploying equipment used to provide the Broadband Backhaul Services as may be appropriate:
Deployment. Customer may deploy Eligible Cloud Services as Active Cloud Services through the administrative cockpit of the SAP Cloud Platform. Customer may deploy Eligible Cloud Services as Active Cloud Services at any time during the Subscription Term. All terms of the Agreement, including the Supplemental Terms applicable to the respective Active Cloud Service, apply to each Active Cloud Service when deployed. Customer shall designate administrators as Authorized Users in the Authorized User Section of this Order Form, who are authorized by Customer to deploy and decommission Eligible Cloud Services. Customer is responsible for any actions taken by such administrators.
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