Your Affiliates Sample Clauses

Your Affiliates. The parties agree that the Customer may use this Agreement for the benefit of its Affiliates, including by re-supplying Services to them, and by assigning the right to enter into Service Schedules or complete Order Forms to its Affiliate. We hereby approve any such assignment by the Customer to its Affiliates, provided that at all times the Customer retains full responsibility and liability for the acts and omissions of itself and its Affiliates. The Customer and the Affiliate agree that we may take enforcement action at our discretion against either the Affiliate or the Customer in relation to the relevant Services. With our agreement, the Customer or its Affiliate may arrange for the Affiliate to receive invoices directly from us and / or to pay invoices for nominated Services, provided that at all times the Customer retains primary responsibility for payment of invoices.
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Your Affiliates. Your Affiliates may purchase Ivanti products and/or services under this Agreement by (i) executing a participation agreement with Xxxxxx pursuant to which it agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement applicable to You, and (ii) passing an Ivanti credit check, after which it may purchase Ivanti products and/or services directly from Ivanti or from a Reseller. For purposes of such purchase, references to “You” and “Your” shall be deemed to refer to Your Affiliate making such purchase.
Your Affiliates. Our client is only the person or entity designated in our client care letter, and not its affiliates (whether shareholders, parent, subsidiaries, partners, members, directors, officers or otherwise). Accordingly, for conflict of interest purposes, we may represent another client with interests adverse to your affiliates. Our engagement by you does not create any rights in or liabilities to any of your affiliates.
Your Affiliates. Your Affiliates may purchase and use subscriptions subject to the terms of this Agreement by executing Order Forms hereunder.
Your Affiliates. Your Affiliates may procure subscriptions for the Service subject to this SaaS Schedule. You shall cause each of Your Affiliates to comply with this SaaS Schedule to the full extent as if such Affiliate were a party hereto, and any act or omission relating to this SaaS Schedule by any such Affiliate shall be deemed an act or omission by You. In addition, each party may use one or more Affiliates to perform its obligations under this SaaS Schedule, provided that such use shall not affect such party’s obligations pursuant to this Agreement and any act or omission by such Affiliate relating to this SaaS Schedule shall be deemed an act or omission of such party.
Your Affiliates. GoodData obligations set forth herein will extend to Your Affiliates to which You provide access to the Subscription Services or Software or whose Personal Data is processed within the Subscription or Support Services, subject to the following conditions:
Your Affiliates. You may permit your affiliates to use the Service with our prior consent. If any of your affiliates use the Service,
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Your Affiliates. To the extent the parties agree in the applicable Order Form for the right and license to use the Services in accordance with this Agreement to extend to Your Affiliates, any such Affiliates shall be entitled to perform any of the obligations and exercise any of Your rights under this Agreement, but only You shall be entitled to enforce the rights granted to You under this Agreement, for and on behalf of such Affiliates. Any act or omission of any such Affiliates shall for the purpose of this Agreement be deemed to be an act or omission of You and You shall be liable for any breach of the terms of this Agreement by such Affiliates. Any loss, damage, liability, costs and expenses incurred by any such Affiliate in connection with this Agreement, shall be deemed to be incurred by You.
Your Affiliates. Your Affiliates are not permitted to use the Services under these Terms that you accepted. Each of your Affiliates that wants to use the Services must accept these Terms individually and create its own account.
Your Affiliates. Your Affiliates may purchase Products or Services by executing an Order referencing your previously agreed to Terms and Conditions; provided, that those Terms and Conditions govern all such Orders and such Affiliate complies with those Terms and Conditions and its Order(s). In the event your Affiliate purchases Products or Services under your Terms and Conditions, you shall be responsible for the acts and omissions of your Affiliates with respect to those Terms and Conditions and any Orders they execute. Your Affiliates may also enter into their own Terms and Conditions with CrowdStrike in which case you shall not be liable for their Orders.
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