Coverage A Sample Clauses

Coverage A. Dwelling
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Coverage A. (As respects only Insured Individuals and Facilities covered under Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error Fund (“MCARE”) and Insured Individuals not covered under MCARE):
Coverage A exclusions Excluded under Coverage II. A. of this form or under any endorsement applicable to Coverage II. A. of this form.
Coverage A and B. exclusions That would be excluded by Coverage A. (other than exclusion 3. i.) or Coverage B. of this form if the “claim” had arisen from a “wrongful act” in the organizational governance or “employment practices” of the “Named Insured”.
Coverage A. Residence
Coverage A. This insurance is primary. Our obligations are not affected by any other insurance that may be primary.
Coverage A. The LACMTA agrees to pay to the Trustees of the Teamsters Health and Welfare Plan the amount indicated below for each employee covered by this Contract. This monthly contribution will be used to defray the cost of a Health Plan designed for the benefit of the employees of the LACMTA who are represented by the Teamsters, and their dependents. B. The monthly amount to be paid by the LACMTA will be as follows: Year 1 effective July 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015. Monthly contribution $1,224.00. Year 2 effective October 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. Monthly contribution $1,414.49. Year 3 effective July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017. Monthly contribution $1,520.57. Note: Any increase costs to the benefit trust funds beyond the total stipulated in this agreement, will be paid by the employees through payroll deductions. Note: Year one extends three additional months and year two is nine months. 32.2 PAYMENT‌ LACMTA agrees to pay monthly contributions to the following trust Fund up to the maximums set forth in Article 32.1 (B): Teamsters Miscellaneous Security Trust FundPlan D (Medical, Dependent, Vision and Life) Joint Council of Teamsters No. 42 Welfare Trust Fund (Dental and RX Drug) Teamsters Death Benefit Trust FundPlan III (Life) Western Conference of Teamsters Legal Services Trust Fund (Legal Services) LACMTA shall remit the respective contributions to each of the trust funds referenced herein on the first of the month, and such contributions shall be considered delinquent if not received by the twenty-first (21st) day of the month or postmarked on the twentieth (20th) day of the month. XXXXXX agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of each trust fund as it pertains to initial contribution on new hires into the bargaining unit and monthly remittance of premiums due, and shall remit the initial contribution on each new hire covered by the agreement on the first of the month following the date of hire. Pursuant to Article 11, LACMTA will continue to remit the contributions to the trust funds for Personal Leaves of bargaining unit members up to ninety (90) days, and/or, Extended Leave due to illness or injury up to twelve (12) months. If the sums that LACMTA has agreed to pay under Article 32.1 (B) are not sufficient to cover the required payments to the listed trust funds, the Teamsters and LACMTA may, by mutual agreement, and with 30 days advance notice, terminate payment to a specified trust fund. In the alternative, if the Trustees of the trust funds requ...
Coverage A. As respects surety business, no claim shall be made under this Contract unless and until the Company shall have first incurred an amount of ultimate net loss on business covered during the term of this Contract in excess of 32.80% of its net earned premium for surety business during the term of this Contract. The Reinsurer shall then be liable for an amount equal to 7.0% of net earned premium for surety business during the term of this Contract in excess of the Company's ultimate net loss in excess of its retention for the term of this Contract.
Coverage A. Building Property Protection M Property We Cover Under Coverage A: P L E We will cover items of real property pertaining directly to your residence premises which are your insurance responsibility as expressed or implied under the governing rules of the condominium. This includes fixtures, construction materials and supplies, installations or additions comprising a part of the residence premises, only when situated within that portion of the premises used exclusively by you and made or acquired at your expense.