Coverage A Sample Clauses

Coverage A. 1. The Reinsurer shall be liable in respect of the first Loss Occurrence, chronologically, for the Ultimate Net Loss over and above an Ultimate Net Loss of $9,000,000, subject to a limit of liability to the Reinsurer of $110,000,000.
Coverage A. (As respects only Insured Individuals and Facilities covered under Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error Fund (“MCARE”) and Insured Individuals not covered under MCARE):
Coverage A. This insurance is primary. Our obligations are not affected by any other insurance that may be primary.
Coverage A. 1. As respects First Professionals Insurance Company: As premium for the reinsurance provided hereunder during each underwriting year, the Company shall pay the Reinsurer 10.4% of its gross net written premium applicable to all subject business for the underwriting year. The Company shall pay the Reinsurer an annual deposit premium of $23,000,000 in four equal installments of $5,750,000, at January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 of each underwriting year. In the event this Contract is terminated prior to any December 31, no deposit premium installments shall be due after the effective date of termination.
Coverage A. Residence
Coverage A. As respects Casualty business, including but not limited to Commercial Automobile Liability and General Liability business subject to this Contract, the Company shall retain and be liable for the first $1,000,000 of ultimate net loss (whether involving any one or any combination of the classes of business covered hereunder) arising out of any one occurrence. The Reinsurer shall then be liable for the amount by which such ultimate net loss exceeds the Company's retention, but the liability of the Reinsurer shall not exceed $1,000,000 as respects any one occurrence, nor shall it exceed $3,000,000 as respects all losses arising out of occurrences commencing during the term of this Contract.
Coverage A. Effective as of Inception, Reinsureds hereby cede to Reinsurer, and Reinsurer accepts as reinsurance, 100% of Reinsureds’ Ultimate Net Loss on the Subject Asbestos Liabilities in excess of the Coverage A Retention.