Consultant Responsibilities Sample Clauses

Consultant Responsibilities. 12.1. Consultant must make prompt payment for any claims for labor, materials, or services furnished to Consultant by any person in connection with this Agreement as such claims become due. Consultant shall not permit any liens or claims to be filed or prosecuted against the City on account of any labor or material furnished to or on behalf of Consultant. If Consultant fails, neglects, or refuses to make prompt payment of any such claim, the City may, but shall not be obligated to, pay such claim to the person furnishing the labor, materials, or services and offset the amount of the payment against funds due or to become due to Consultant under this Agreement. The City may also recover any such amounts directly from Consultant.
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Consultant Responsibilities. CONSULTANT shall furnish the necessary qualified personnel to provide the SERVICES. CONSULTANT represents that it has access to the experience and capability necessary to and agrees to perform the SERVICES with the reasonable skill and diligence required by customarily accepted professional practices and procedures normally provided in the performance of the SERVICES at the time when and the location in which the SERVICES were performed. CONSULTANT will be liable for its failure to exercise diligence, reasonable care and professional skill. This standard of care is the sole and exclusive standard of care that will be applied to measure CONSULTANT's performance. There are no other representations or warranties expressed or implied made by CONSULTANT. In performing the SERVICES under this Agreement, CONSULTANT shall operate as and have the status of an independent contractor and shall not act as, or be an employee of the DISTRICT. The SERVICES performed by CONSULTANT shall be subject to the inspection and the review of the DISTRICT at all times but such inspection and review shall not relieve CONSULTANT from its responsibility for the proper performance of the SERVICES.
Consultant Responsibilities. PA engaged Consultants are responsible for Specifications for the following (including nominating all submissions eg shop drawings). Not all the following may apply, depending on the specific project. Structural/Civil: Road/pavements, groundwork, site drainage, erosion control, structural concrete/steel/masonry/ framing, equipment plinths/platforms, roof battens, design for wind speed & other applicable loadings. Hydraulic: Sanitary plumbing/drainage, hot/cold water supply, stormwater, bio-retention basins, fire protection (incl fire extinguishers), gas, trade Waste, roof drainage, water tanks/harvesting. Specialist Services: Air cond./ventilation, electrical (including ducted skirtings), lighting, security, communications, fire protection, hoists/lifts, cool/cold rooms, swimming pools, acoustics, solar systems, mechanical systems. Landscape: Soft landscape including soil and mulch selections, soft & hard landscape details, irrigation. Other: Commercial Kitchen/Laundry/Bar Fitout, Fuel/Compressed air/Gas supply & storage systems, AS 1428 (access design for person with disability), Bushfire regulation requirements, Retaining wall structures.
Consultant Responsibilities. Consultant will perform the Program Services.
Consultant Responsibilities. No subcontract relieves Consultant of any responsibilities under this Contract.
Consultant Responsibilities. In addition to all other obligations contained herein, Consultant agrees:
Consultant Responsibilities. The Consultant shall be responsible for completely supervising and directing the work under this Contract and all subcontractors that he may utilize, using his best skill and attention. Subcontractors who perform work under the Contract shall be responsible to the Consultant. The Consultant agrees that he is as fully responsible for the acts and omissions of his subcontractors and of persons employed by them as he is for the acts and omissions of his own employees.
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Consultant Responsibilities. The Consultant shall coordinate the work product of any subconsultant, separate consultant, or subcontractor and shall remain fully responsible for the professional quality, technical accuracy, and the coordination of all services furnished by the Consultant or its subconsultants, separate consultants, or subcontractors. The Consultant shall review or approve items produced or furnished by any subconsultant, separate consultant, or subcontractor prior to submittal to the Owner.
Consultant Responsibilities. Consultant shall be responsible for:
Consultant Responsibilities. To facilitate the performance of the Services by Consultant, Consultant will provide access to its facilities, information, and personnel (including, but without limitation, its directors, officers, employees, advisors, and agents) to Company during reasonable hours. 2.8
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