As-Built Drawings Sample Clauses

As-Built Drawings. Tenant shall submit at its expense a complete set of accurate “as-builtplans and specifications for Tenant Improvements constructed at the Airport (or in the case of Tenant Improvements relocated from the Former Airport, the plans and specifications relating to such relocation). Such plans and specifications shall include one set of bond paperrecorddrawings and electronic drawings that conform to a format and to standards specified by City.
As-Built Drawings. The Contractor shall maintain at the site for the City one copy of all drawings, specifications, addenda, approved shop or setting drawings, change orders, field deviations, and other documents or modifications (referred to herein as "As-Built Drawings") in good order and marked to record all changes as they occur during construction. These shall be available to the Division Manager, the Project Inspector, and the City's testing personnel. These "As-Built Drawings" shall be neatly and clearly marked in color during construction to record all variations from the drawings made during construction. The representation of such variations shall include such supplemental notes, symbols, legends, documents, and details as may be necessary to clearly show the as-built construction.
As-Built Drawings. The Gas Company shall, within six months of completing the installation of any part of the gas system, provide two copies of "as built" drawings to the Engineer/Road Superintendent. These drawings must be sufficient to accurately establish the location, depth (measurement between the top of the gas system and the ground surface at the time of installation) and distance of the gas system. The "as built" drawings shall be of the same quality as the Plan and, if the approved pre-construction plan included elevations that were geodetically referenced, the "as built" drawings shall similarly include elevations that are geodetically referenced. Upon the request of the Engineer/Road Superintendent, the Gas Company shall provide one copy of the drawings in an electronic format and one copy as a hard copy drawing.
As-Built Drawings. Architect shall review and evaluate for District, the contractor(s)’ documentation of the actual construction performed during the Project that the contractor(s) should prepare and submit as As-Builts. As-Builts are documents that show the actual construction performed during the Project, including changes necessitated by change orders, and detailed by the District’s construction contractor(s) on a Conforming Set.
As-Built Drawings. Tenant shall cause “As-Built Drawings” (excluding furniture, fixtures and equipment) to be delivered to Landlord and/or Landlord’s representative no later than sixty (60) days after the completion of Tenant’s Work. In the event these drawings are not received by such date, Landlord may, at its election, cause said drawings to be obtained and Tenant shall pay to Landlord, as additional rent, the cost of producing these drawings.
As-Built Drawings. A. Prior to Substantial Completion, the Contractor shall complete and turn over to the City the As-Built Drawings. The As-Built Drawings shall consist of a set of drawings which indicate all field changes that were made to adapt to field conditions, changes resulting from contract Change Orders and all buried and concealed installation of piping, conduit and utility services. All buried and concealed items both inside and outside the facility shall be accurately located on the As-Built Drawings as to depth and in relationship to not less than two permanent features such as interior or exterior wall faces. The As-Built Drawings shall be clean and all changes, corrections and dimensions shall be given in a neat and legible manner in a contrasting color.
As-Built Drawings. The Contractor and all Subcontractors shall maintain on the work site a separate complete set of contract drawings which will be used solely for the purpose of recording changes made in any portion of the work during the course of construction, regardless of the reason for the change. As changes occur, there will be included or marked on this record set on a daily basis if necessary to keep them up to date at all times. Actual locations to scale shall be identified on the drawings for all runs of mechanical and electrical work, including all site utilities installed underground, in walls, floors, and furred spaces, or otherwise concealed. Deviations from the drawings shall be shown in detail. All main runs, whether piping, conduit, duct work, drain lines, etc., shall be located in addition by dimension and elevation. Progress payments may be delayed or withheld until such time as the record set is brought up to date to the satisfaction of the Project Manager. The Contractor shall verify that all changes in the work are included in the "AS-BUILT" drawings and deliver the complete set thereof to the Project Manager for review and approval within thirty (30) calendar days after District's notice of completion. District's acceptance and approval of the "AS-BUILT" drawings are a necessary condition precedent to the release of the final retention.
As-Built Drawings. All Work that deviates from, or otherwise supersedes, the latest version of the design documents must be annotated on the latest version of design documents and posted to the Princeton Collaborative System. Annotations shall include any Work that deviates from approved shop drawings and other submittals, as well as an updating of drawing schedules to reflect approved, as-built equipment, product data, etc.
As-Built Drawings. Pursuant to the terms of Subsection 10.2 hereafter, Construction Contractor shall monitor the progress of its own forces and its subcontractors on marked up field prints which shall be developed by Construction Contractor into the final as-built drawings.