Trade waste definition

Trade waste means any solid, liquid, or gaseous waste resulting from the operation of any business, trade, or industry.

Examples of Trade waste in a sentence

  • Trade waste water must be disposed of in accordance with the permit requirements of Sydney Water Corporation Ltd, Wastewater Source Control Branch.

  • Trade waste must be stored appropriately and be disposed of by a licensed waste carrier.

  • Political priorities – Trade waste services may be seen as a lower priority for politicians and residents, distracting from priority resident services.• Existing contacts – Councils have long contracts with third party suppliers.

  • Trade waste is defined as waste from any trade, manufacturer or business, or any waste building, or civil engineering materials, but does not include animal waste.

  • Trade waste loading should be included in the modelling of the sewerage network.

More Definitions of Trade waste

Trade waste means waste other than ordinary domestic sewage;
Trade waste or "Waste" shall mean: all putrescible and non-putrescible materials or substances, except as described below, that are discarded or rejected by a commercial establishment required to provide for the removal of its waste pursuant to section 16-116 of this code as being spent, useless, worthless or in excess to the owners at
Trade waste means waste resulting from the operation of a trade premises;
Trade waste means materials accumulated as a result of commercial activities such as packing materials, display boards, rags, paper, and other waste materials resulting from such activities.