Diligence Obligations Sample Clauses

Diligence Obligations. Licensee will use commercially reasonable efforts to develop, commercialize, market, promote, and sell Licensed Products in the Field. Commercially reasonable efforts means efforts equivalent to those utilized by ****.
Diligence Obligations. NN shall use commercially --------------------- reasonable efforts to achieve each of the following diligence obligations, for at least one Zid Embodiment in the ZSS, no later than the applicable deadline. The standard diligence time periods that ZGI and NN intend to be included in a Pre-Negotiated License under SECTION 7.4 in the situation where a Xxx Xxxx, Zid Protein or a Soluble Embodiment is the Product are recited below. However, both ZGI and NN recognize that specific circumstances surrounding a particular Zid Embodiment may lead the parties to negotiate one or more different diligence time period(s) within a particular Pre-Negotiated License. Under the standard diligence time periods, NN must:
Diligence Obligations. Licensee shall use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to (a) develop and commercialize the Licensed Product in the entire Territory in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement; (b) obtain Regulatory Approval(s) with respect to the Licensed Product in the Territory; and (c) thereafter diligently and aggressively Exploit the Licensed Product in the Territory to maximize sales. Licensee shall ensure that any Sublicense be terminable at the option of the Licensee in the event that a Sublicensee fails to maintain active, diligent marketing efforts for Licensed Product.
Diligence Obligations. (a) Following the exercise of the Option to Continue, Sanofi shall use Commercially Reasonable Efforts at its own cost and expense (i) to Develop one (1) Program Product for one indication in the Field (and may Develop any additional Program Products or indications) and to seek and obtain Regulatory Approval for such Program Product for use in humans in each of the Major Countries, (ii) to Manufacture or have Manufactured Program Compound and Program Product for use in the Development and Commercialization thereof, and (iii) to Commercialize a Program Product for use in humans in each of the Major Countries. Sanofi shall perform, or cause its Affiliates or Third Party contractors to perform, its responsibilities under this Agreement, in compliance with this Agreement, all Applicable Laws, including, without limitation, then-current GLP, GCP and GMP. Further, Ardelyx acknowledges and agrees that nothing in this Section 4.3 is intended, or shall be construed, to require Sanofi to Develop or Commercialize a specific Program Product. In the event that Sanofi decides to discontinue the Development or Commercialization of a Program Product in favor of another Program Product, its obligations under this Section 4.3 shall cease with respect to such initial Program Product in favor of such other Program Product. Further, for clarity, for the purposes of this Section 4.3(a), Commercially Reasonable Efforts shall be determined [***], and Sanofi shall not be required to launch or otherwise commercialize a Program Product in any country of the Territory (including for clarity a Major Country) where Commercially Reasonable Efforts would not require it to do so. [***] Certain information in this document has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Confidential treatment has been requested with respect to the omitted portions.
Diligence Obligations. Distributor shall use diligent efforts to obtain regulatory approval of the Product in the Territory. In fulfilling this diligence obligation, Distributor shall use at least the same level of effort to obtain regulatory approval as Distributor uses to obtain regulatory approvals for other products Distributor distributes, including those manufactured by its Affiliate. Supplier’s sole remedy for such a breach shall be to terminate this Agreement under Section 10(b).
Diligence Obligations. Licensee, during the term of this Agreement, must utilize its reasonable best efforts in diligently proceeding with the development, manufacture, sale, and other commercial exploitation of the Patent Rights, and in creating a supply of and demand for Licensed Products. "Reasonable best efforts" for the purpose of this paragraph includes, but is not limited to, adherence to the Commercial Development Plan in Appendix B and performance of the Benchmarks in Appendix C. The efforts of a Sublicensee will be considered the efforts of Licensee. Any amendment to the Commercial Development Plan and/or Benchmarks must be mutually agreed to in writing by University and Licensee, and attached to this Agreement. Licensee shall provide a written report on or before December 31st of each year after the Effective Date describing the Licensee’s progress during the preceding year toward achievement of the Commercial Development Plan and Benchmarks. Such report shall include, as a minimum, information sufficient to enable University to satisfy relevant reporting requirements of the U.S. government and to ascertain Licensee’s progress toward meeting the diligence requirements of this Article 6.0.
Diligence Obligations. (a) Purchaser shall act in good faith and shall use commercially reasonable efforts, and shall cause its Affiliates and Licensees to act in good faith and use commercially reasonable efforts, to (i) cause each of the Milestones to be achieved, including, as applicable, [***] with [***] and [***] discussions and negotiations to attempt to agree upon mutually satisfactory agreements relating to the [***] Commercial Program and the [***] Commercial Program, timely preparing and filing all documents necessary and diligently pursuing all filings necessary to achieve each Milestone, and developing, commercializing and selling CB-CAPS Products, (ii) develop, commercialize and sell Products subject to the Royalty Transactions, and (iii) collect, or cause to be collected, the Acquired Xifin Accounts Receivable. In addition, Purchaser [***]
Diligence Obligations. SIIPL will perform all activities set forth in the Development Plan and use its [***] to perform all such activities in accordance with the applicable timeframes set forth in the Development Plan. In addition, SIIPL will use [***] to Develop and obtain Regulatory Approval for the Product in all countries in the SIIPL Territory.
Diligence Obligations. USL shall use commercially reasonable efforts to market and promote Product in the Territory, consistent with the same level of efforts that it would apply to a product of its own that it is of comparable market potential.