Licensed Service definition

Licensed Service means a service provided using Licensed Products or Licensed Methods, including, without limitation, any such service provided in the form of contract research or other research performed by Licensee on behalf of a third party.
Licensed Service means performance of a service for any consideration using a Licensed Product, or the practice of a Licensed Process. For clarity, research and development of Licensed Products by Licensee, its Affiliates, or a Sublicensee does not constitute a Licensed Service.
Licensed Service means a service provided using LICENSED PRODUCTS or LICENSED METHOD.

Examples of Licensed Service in a sentence

  • Licensee will have sole responsibility for any warning labels, packaging and instructions as to the use and the quality control for any Licensed Product or Licensed Service.

  • Supplier has used its best efforts through quality assurance procedures to ensure that there are no Computer Viruses or undocumented features in any Solution, Solution Component, Deliverables, Product, Software, System Software, Update, Application and/or Licensed Service, as obligated and provided by Supplier under the order or SOW, at the time of delivery to the Authorized User.

  • Upon receipt of such written notice, Licensee shall include the Included Programs on the Licensed Service as soon thereafter as practicable.

  • Licensee shall require, within two (2) years of the Watermark Detection Date, that any new devices capable of playing AACS protected Blu-ray discs and capable of receiving and decrypting protected high definition content from the Licensed Service that can also receive content from a source other than the Licensed Service shall detect and respond to the embedded state and comply with the corresponding playback control rules.

  • The claims along with the supporting documents should be submitted at the designated Controller of Communication Account Offices of the respective Licensed Service Area.

More Definitions of Licensed Service

Licensed Service means: (i) any method, process, procedure or service that, but for the license granted herein, would infringe Patent Rights or is otherwise Covered By a Valid Claim in Patent Rights or (ii) any method, process, procedure, or service that results in the manufacture of a Patented Product.
Licensed Service means a CRISP Service that involves the use of technology that CRISP licenses from Licensed Technology Providers and makes available to Participant and Other Participants who agree to comply with requirements, whether set forth in this Agreement or in Terms of Use, applicable to such service. Examples of Licensed Services include, but are not limited to, secure, point-to-point messaging functionality in accordance with the Direct Protocol and image exchange.
Licensed Service means the performance of a service for a third party, which performance uses or incorporates a Licensed Product or Licensed Process.
Licensed Service means a sound broadcasting service which the Licensee is authorized to provide in terms of this Licence;
Licensed Service means any service, including without limitation database access, provided by LifeMap Solutions, its distributors, or sublicensees to a third party in exchange for consideration where the service makes use of the product or otherwise exploits or monetizes certain intellectual property licensed by Mount Sinai.
Licensed Service means the use of the Licensed Method to provide a service.
Licensed Service means any service that (a) cannot be developed or performed without using at least one process that infringes one or more claims under the Patent Rights, (b) uses some portion of one or more Biological Materials, or (c) uses some portion of the Related Technology.