Form and content Sample Clauses

Form and content. All policies or binders with respect to insurance maintained by Seller shall waive any right of subrogation of the insurers hereunder against PG&E, its officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives of each of them, and any right of the insurers to any setoff or counterclaim or any other deduction, whether by attachment or otherwise, in respect of any liability of any such person insured under such policy.
Form and content. (1) A PFA that makes determinations for the current taxable year (and any prior taxable year for which a return is not yet due) is a closing agreement under section 7121. The form and content of this type of PFA must comply with Rev. Proc. 68-16, 1968-1 C.B. 770.
Form and content. The Firstbank Disclosure Letter and the Mercantile Disclosure Letter, respectively, shall contain appropriate references and cross references with respect to each of the disclosures, and appropriate identifying markings with respect to each of the documents, that pertain to one or more sections or articles of this Plan of Merger. Each of Firstbank and Mercantile has prepared and delivered two complete copies of its respective Disclosure Letter to the other party.
Form and content. All documents and evidence delivered to the Buyers under this Clause 8 shall be in form and substance acceptable to the Buyers.
Form and content. (a) Each of BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto agree to consult with each other in good faith in relation to the form and content of their respective Shareholder Circulars and to take into account reasonable comments of the other.
Form and content. Except manufacturer’s standard printed warranties, all warranties shall be on Developer’s and Developer’s agent’s material supplier’s, installer’s or manufacturer’s own letterhead, addressed to City. All warranties shall be submitted in the format specified in this section, modified as approved by City to suit the conditions pertaining to the warranty.